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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Hints, Tips and Interview Links

This page is going to be a link to any posts that people have made giving hints and tips about needlework, stitching, framing and even blogging.

If there's any topic you'd like to see covered please leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

The first post featured is by Barbara and includes information on "Choosing linen, thread and needles for your project" and also the dreaded "frogging"!

Choosing linen, thread and needles for your project


Carmen Sutton has written us a great framing tutorial on her blog here:

Cardan Antiques and Needlework Framing Tutorial


Barbara has a piece here about the various methods of holding your stitching if you're not a fan of stitching "in hand":
Hoops, Frames Q-snaps and Stretcher Bars


Carmen has a shared a great recipe for hand scrub here and other people have left comments saying how they keep their hands silk-soft:

Soft hand hints


Several people have answered Jean's question on this post:

Getting borders to match up


Several people are stitching along on Marsha's latest release, The Manifesto, a gorgeous pictorial sampler.  It's a big design (19 x 30 in on 40 count over 2) so Nicola asked Marsha if she had any stitching advice on this one.  Marsha's reply can be found here:

Marsha also had this tip for helping remembering where the centre of your fabric is -

"I like to stitch a line through the middle (vertical and horizontal) with a sulky thread that is a bright metallic and plastic or nylon. It doesn't bleed, doesn't stick, can be stitched over top and when you're done it slides right out. It's another reference point for me."


Barbara G has some ideas for storing your linen stash in this post:

Linen storage


Nicola has made a short video about how to use the Millennium Frame:

Millennium Frame


Kate (Pounding Sand) has this great tip for keeping our satin stitch neat, using an extra needle:

Neat Satin Stitch


Julie asked about a lamp for stitching and here is Nicola's reply:

I thought that I would share with you the model I use
I chose this one as it looks like an everyday standard lamp and fits in nicely with the interior design of my TV room where I sew.
The magnifier, clip holder and tray can be removed when I have little visitors :o))


Kerri asked for advice on Stitching Words over 1, lots of useful advice here for words and general over 1 stitching too:

Stitching Over One

Kay Lynn wondered how to make her satin stitches neat and tidy, here is Barbara H's advice:

Satin Stitches


 (conducted by Nicola and edited by Deb/Krista)

Barbara Hutson
Margaret Chess
Ellen Chester
Carol Sims
Fran of C Street Samplers
Deb Thread Gatherer
Sandra of Sampler Lover's Blog
Sampler Annie
Marsha Parker
Jean Lea of The Attic
Robert of A Gentleman's Samplings blog
Barbara G
Bob of Winderwood Farm
Karen "KB"
Faye - CarolinaStitcher
Melinda of Merry Wind Farm
Rewind with Barbara Hutson
Rewind with Marsha Parker
Updated Bob of Winderwood Farm
Vickie and Maegan of Needlework Press

Sue Fenwick interviewed Marsha on the Star Stitch blog in July 2014


Jean P said...

I am a curious sampler novice and have a question. I just started Emma Miles and, without thinking, I proceeded to do the entire border first. I’ve noticed that some stitchers do the sampler border as they go. I’m wondering if this is just a personal preference and if so, which do most stitchers prefer. Are there any tips you’ve gained from experience (besides counting properly) to help ensure the border meets up perfectly? Thanks for any input.

Kerri said...

It is so great to have such a wealth of experienced stitchers in one place. I am working on Dorothy Walpole and the over one verse is taking forever! Are there any tips when stitching over one words? I am concerned the black silk on the light linen will show through. I am trying to only carry threads only if there are less than 2 threads between the letters. Any tips on working this common area to many samplers?

Garbo y Salero said...

I have that lamp is great, and I can change the direction of the shade to adjust to what I am masking.

Garbo y Salero said...

I have that lamp is great, and I can change the direction of the shade to adjust to what I am masking.

Cynthia ☮ said...

Where is a the best place to purchase the millennium Frame & Stand? I have been busy having babies and just got back into stitching. Thanks!