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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Saturday, 2 January 2016

Accomplishing Ann - a mid week update

I have had an email asking why I have basted stitches around the inside of the framework for the cutwork panel together with the center vertical and horizontal lines.

We are using these basting stitches for two very important reasons:-

to ensure that we have laid our satin stitch framework correctly, we cannot be one thread out


to act as a guide for which threads to cut when we return to this panel at a LATER stage.

I cannot emphasis enough how important it is not to take short cuts with this type of work. Threads can be repaired but it is fiddly and time consuming.

In the diagram below the light blue lines represent the threads of your linen, the green the satin stitches for the framework and the red the basting lines. 

The little scissors show the threads we will be cutting LATER, the diagram to the right show the grid we will create when the cut threads are withdrawn. 

The remaining threads will be reinforced by wrapping thread around them.


Theresa said...

Looking wonderful so far and very clear instructions Nicola, thanks! I am waiting on my fabric to arrive and so will have a later start but promise to catch up with you guys! Ann Lawle is a lovely lovely sampler : ) happy New Year to all!!!

Maria del Valle said...

Wow so Beautiful Nicola!!
I did the Unicorn on the part of net like you, it help to reinforce the corners very well, your stitches looks perfect!!
I hope soon continue with the Unicorn, big hugs!!

kathy b said...

I dont do this craft but I am so Impressed with yours!

zenuwpees said...

Très bien explique Marie-Claire