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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Anne Lawle Thread List

Last year our members came up with the name Mastering Mary for our group learning project, can anyone come up with a name for Anne Lawle.

Anne was charted way back when it was customary to sell just kits. Whilst the chart lists the threads used the quantity is not specified so here is the list with DMC/AVAS

5@ 712/brut
3@ 3012/2124
2@ 223/2941
2@ 932/1712
2@ 3750/1716
1@ 3045/3823

Plus two skeins of DMC cotton #822 for executing the cut and drawn work

Marsha has advised that the recommended cut of linen with a 2" margin is 15" x 33" on 35ct


Beth in IL said...

Thanks for posting this. Still trying to finish Heirloom Stitching Sampler so i can join the fun this year!

Theresa said...

This looks scrumptious Nicola!
January won't look so snowy and winter-y with Ann Lawle to look forward to!
: ) : ) : )

debra said...

yes, this looks great every year since you began I just had to much going on so this will be the first one I can jump on board with yeah cant wait will go to yor email to officially sign up

Julie said...

How about A. Lawle Lessons

sara wilson said...

Hi Nicola. Could you give me a few tips about linens for this project. I get the chart only from the states to save the duty which would be added on if I bought the whole kit. Could we go for a higher count than 35, or would that be asking for trouble; keep the colour very light; would a distressed linen work; any suggestions welcome before I go shopping!

sara wilson said...

PS; I see on fb that you have just had a weekend with Amy Mitten. Hope it was great - I envy you!