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Friday, 13 February 2015

Three Valentine Day Giveaways - a book, three charts and two silk kits of an OOP design and a mystery bonus.

Tomorrow we will be drawing Dawn's prize for the beautiful book Ornamental Branches for blog members only so to qualify please make sure you post your current progress today if you have not already done so in the last month.

On Facebook Elizabeth is hosting a giveaway for three Scarlet Letter Charts so please check that out if you have not already entered.

As It is Valentine's Day tomorrow, a time to give those dear to us a token of our love. Marsha wanted to celebrate this day with those who love her work with a giveaway of two silk kits of the OOP design Rebekah Hacker which have been tucked away especially for our members to enjoy.

The kits are worth $150 each so this is an amazing and very generous gift to us. Once these are gone Rebekah will no longer be available.

As a heart shape is the motif used to represent the centre of affection and love we want you to find heart motifs in the current portfolio of Scarlet Letter samplers.

It is wonderful if you leave a comment on this post but please DO NOT leave the names of the samplers here.

Your list of samplers should be emailed to nicola.parkman@gmail.com no later than midday UK time on Monday 16th February. I do not wish to be harsh but I have spent many hours trying to track down no reply bloggers for competitions so if you are a no reply blogger and do not leave a contactable  email address with your entry I have to stipulate that you will not qualify for the giveaway.

The two stitchers who find the most samplers with hearts will win one of these kits. In the event of more than two stitchers finding an equal highest number we will draw a name. If anyone finds all the samplers there will be a bonus prize as well.

What fun.

You might want to look at our gallery http://scarletletteryeargallery.blogspot.co.uk but always  check that the heart appears in the actual model featured.


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