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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Thursday, 22 January 2015


Section 1 - Mary Hurst 1661

For those of us who are stitching Mary Hurst I thought that I would post some information on thread usage.

If you are using a padding stitch and two passes of satin stitch three skeins is "JUST" enough for Section 1.

This is the thread I had left without any frogging. Not a lot but ample.

I have not stitched all the eyelets in Band 6 as I rather liked the effect as is but I may review this later on.

The files on Mary have been updated today and now cover the whole of the whitework section.


Lauren M said...

Lovely progress! I love that blue colour :)

zenuwpees said...

Nice progress i like it Marie-Claire

Theresa said...

Wow Nicola you have so much done! it is looking so, so pretty!!!

Serena B said...

Thank You for the silk usage update and your stitching is so beautiful!

Serena B said...

Thank You Nicola for the silk update,your stitching is marvoulous!