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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Friday, 9 January 2015

Mary Hurst SAL

After much deliberation, advice from everyone on the FB group, and quite a bit of ripping out and restitching! I am finally happy with my start on Mary Hurst.

I am using AVAS silks on 36ct Edinburgh linen colour 'Sand' which is a lovely warm orange/gold colour. I was really happy with my floss toss, I love the colours of the silk on this linen.
I started with great enthusiasm, but have had lots of problems, I had to unpick the first letter twice until I finally got the hang of the counted satin stitch. I am padding mine and going over each stitch twice with one strand of silk to get a nice coverage on the fabric. I started using the pale blue 111 as charted, but I began to have doubts, the whole of the top section is stitched in this colour, and I don't think I want a large section of this icy blue at the top of my sampler. I think it jars a little with the warm linen. Perhaps it's because I am not really a blue person!
I started again with the 2912 pale pink, which I think I prefer, it is a nice warm colour
Here they are side by side, this photo shows the colour of the linen better.
I have committed to working on this once a week, it will probably take all year and beyond but there is no hurry. I am looking forward to learning some of the more complicated counted stitches and sharing in this group project.


Vera said...

Your sampler is looking lovely Elaine. I'm enjoying seeing a different color for the top portion. Good for you choosing a color that pleases you -- after all, you're supposed to have fun and enjoy your stitching!!

pamina said...

Love the pale pink, it's a great idea.

I've started too and the blue is too pale on my fabric and difficult to see. I have to start again with an another color...

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Stitching with silks is wonderful--you have a beautiful start

Maria del Valle said...

Good for you Elaine, I love that pink color, it looks so nice!

zenuwpees said...

Nice begin lovely colors Marie-Claire

Ray Purnell said...

An excellent choice Elaine. You trusted your heart :o))

Ray Purnell said...

Whoops Elaine - the comment above is Nicola - I don't know why Ray is signed in on my ipad !!!

Julie said...

You give me courage! I may need to do a restart, too. I've not done counted satin stitch and find myself struggling with counting threads. Doesn't help that I've also been doing needlepoint and must switch between counting threads and holes. But looking at your work and others' helps me know I may be on track.