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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Dona Dorothea

Good Evening Everyone,

Not as much progress as I had hoped for on Dona Dorothea.  Poor thing – she has been neglected while I worked some on Mary Hurst.  But, I decided the weekend was Dona’s.  However, there wasn’t much stitching time over the weekend…only managed to finish up a floral segment.  Very pretty, but what a PITA to do – stitch two squares and then change colors…stitch three more squares and then change colors again.  I will say, once completed, I am very happy with it.  Just time consuming and all that.  Here is an overall shot of the sampler as of tonight and a close-up of the floral segment.

And, another shot of Tyg, my stitching companion.  I showed one picture on the FB page the other day…here is another shot of our rescue kitty.

After nearly two months off due to some surgery, I am going back to work tomorrow.  Not sure I am so ready for this.  I told my husband I was looking at this hiatus period as a “test” to see if retirement would work for us.  It will!!  Woo-Hoo.  We love being together and I don’t think either of us made the other one too crazy – lol.  But, unfortunately, the timing is not right just yet….

I hope to get back to Mary Hurst this week and will post updates on FB.  Not sure when that will be with working again, but hopefully soon.

Now I think it’s time to read a bit and then try to get a good night’s rest.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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zenuwpees said...

Nice embroidery i like it Marie-Claire