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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Monday, 5 January 2015

Dona Dorothea Updates for a New Year

Hi Everyone,

I finally was able to spend some time on Dona Dorothea and get a little bit more done.  I just love this entire sampler!  Here is an overall shot of where I am and then a close-up of what I have been working on recently.

Please excuse all the wrinkles…I stitch in hand, so it is quite rumpled.  I won’t iron it till I’m finished.

I also managed to stitch a couple more letters on Mary Hurst, but not worth updating on FB just yet…maybe later today unless I take a long, long nap – lol.

Well, January has been crazy weather-wise so far.  Sleet & snow on Saturday morning followed by rain and in the mid-50’s on Sunday.  Now it is blustery, the temps are dropping and we have a chance of some snow tonight and tomorrow.  Oh well, guess that just means perfect stitching weather if it is too nasty to go outside.

I’ve been enjoying all the New Year updates that folks are posting.  There are just so many wonderful samplers out there.  It’s easy to just keep ordering and ordering with no idea of when they might get stitched!


Margaret said...

It's so beautiful! You've gotten so much done! Love her! I need to get back to mine. Sigh.

Bethany said...

You are doing lovely stitching on your sampler. It also looks like there will be a finish sooner this year, rather than later.

Nicola said...

Not long now before you finish Dorothea. She is a joy to see. Than you for sharing her Vera.

Krista said...

Beautiful work, Vera!! This is a fun sampler. Love the checkerboard deer. You seem not far from a finish!

Karoline said...

She's looking gorgeous, great progress

Jenny said...

Beautiful work Vera! The checkerboard deer always makes me smile :) Love this sampler!