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Saturday, 24 January 2015

A World-Wide Community!

Over on Our Scarlet Letter Years Facebook group we are learning about where we all are in the world!

And so to better visualize this I created a World Map with pin locators for all our members who wish to be pinned, from the blog and for the facebook group.  We already have 150 pins in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Central America, Europe, Australia, Africa and Japan!

Here is a snap shot of the map, but if you click here! it will take you to the interactive map where you can zoom in and out.  On the right side of the map there is a list of names and if it is not there there should be a << to click to open.  From the list you can click on a name and see where that member is on the map!  You may find you have a Scarlet Letter Years neighbor!  

It is amazing what a World-Wide community we are!

If you would like to have a pin added to our map, please comment on this post and I will be updating the map periodically.  We would like this to be a map for both our blog members and facebook group members.  We will only post using first names and city and/or country, whichever you prefer to provide.  

Enjoy the weekend!!  xxxx


Pat said...

Please pin me Patricia in Bedford, Texas

zenuwpees said...

Oké for the Pin Marie-Claire

Margaret said...

Very cool! Could I be added to the map? Just in the Hudson Valley of NY? Thanks!

GiGi said...

Gina, Charlotte NC

Karen Witt said...

Please add Karen in Winchester, KY.

Thank you.

Krista said...

Map has been updated! If others wish to be pinned on our map please comment on this post. Thank you!

Carmen Sutton said...

Love to be added to map Carmen in Franklin TN

Lydia Stevenson said...

Add a pin for me.. Lydia, grapeview, Washington, usa

Krista said...

Map is updated!