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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Friday, 16 January 2015

A New Start for a New Year

I received the kit for Elizabeth Shephard as a Christmas present from a dear friend this year.  I do love Quaker designs and this has been a popular sampler in the group.

I am stitching her using the AVAS and 30 count linen provided in the kit.

I am taking part in a stitching challenge this month so will try squeeze some more stitches into Elizabeth during January and will then work her regularly from February onwards.

One thing I must comment on about the chart which I really like - it is printed on separate pages but there is a big overlap between pages.  So you are not constantly flipping from page to page.

And yes, I am a centre starter!  Always have been, probably always will be.  It is rare for me to start anywhere else.


Vera said...

Your start looks great Jo! There is something so soothing about Quaker samplers, isn't there? This will be a beauty - looking forward to seeing progress reports from you.

Jenny said...

Love your start Jo!

Heritage Hall said...

Agree with you about the center start....a Libra trait?
Also agree with the satisfaction of doing Quaker samplers... not
to mentioned the compliments they
Great start....

Ali said...

You've made a lovely start, I've a couple of sampler charts waiting to be stitched. Ali x

Brenda said...

Oh I love that chart!!! I think you enabled me into buying it!!! I will think on it before buying it though as I have 2 HUGE projects I want to do this year. I will make a note of the chart in my little black book and maybe buy it as a birthday present later this year!!! Can't wait to see your progress on it!!!

Krista said...

Wonderful start, Jo! Elizabeth is a beautiful sampler.