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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Monday, 26 January 2015

Mastering Mary

We are seeing lots of Mary's being started and great progress is being made.

Section 2 is a little way off but it might be worth starting to give this area some thought.

Do you want to stitch it as Mary did with her name and the alphabet or would you prefer to personalise it?

I have often seen in my mind the Queen and Princess as a Mother and Daughter. If I had a daughter I might stitch a dedication to her here and include  family names and dates.

All food for thought. If anyone would like help with charting names and text I would be happy to assist.

Michele is working her sampler from the bottom upwards and posted a photo of her progress yesterday, please check her post as it is very inspiring to see the final band we are working towards.

This band features "boxers" not Poppy and Blue, my boxers dogs, but small figures that are frequently found on English band samplers during the 17th and first half of the 18th century.

They were given the name of ‘boxer’ by 19th-century collectors because of their stance with raised arm as if taking guard.

They are shown walking sideways on, facing or following each other and are usually separated by an odd flowering branch or vase. They carry a trophy/offering in one hand.

They seem to be a mystery but one theory is that they are based on Cupid or a pair of lovers possibly exchanging gifts. 

Another theory put forward is that they have been derived from "putti " (little cherubs) depicted in Italian medieval and Renaissance paintings and engravings.​

The figures have become caricaturized by the stitches used and by clothing them in costumes of the period.

Early boxers were similar as they were usually naked but gradually as clothing was added they took on different identities, some even have feathered hats, long curls and lace collars.

There have even been boxers with very long hair that may have been female.

It has been suggested that the flowering branch or vase metamorphosed from a dancing woman or the boxer's lover and recipient of the offering. The ones that Mary stitched might be interpreted as having a female head, body, extended arms and splayed feet.

All the theories you read about in different reference books are very interesting but we will never exactly know for certain what they represent but thinking of them as lovers bearing gifts takes away the malevolence of some of the early naked boxers.

If any of our members have more information about boxers please will they share their knowledge with the group.

Keep your photos coming and your needles flying

Saturday, 24 January 2015

A World-Wide Community!

Over on Our Scarlet Letter Years Facebook group we are learning about where we all are in the world!

And so to better visualize this I created a World Map with pin locators for all our members who wish to be pinned, from the blog and for the facebook group.  We already have 150 pins in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Central America, Europe, Australia, Africa and Japan!

Here is a snap shot of the map, but if you click here! it will take you to the interactive map where you can zoom in and out.  On the right side of the map there is a list of names and if it is not there there should be a << to click to open.  From the list you can click on a name and see where that member is on the map!  You may find you have a Scarlet Letter Years neighbor!  

It is amazing what a World-Wide community we are!

If you would like to have a pin added to our map, please comment on this post and I will be updating the map periodically.  We would like this to be a map for both our blog members and facebook group members.  We will only post using first names and city and/or country, whichever you prefer to provide.  

Enjoy the weekend!!  xxxx

Thursday, 22 January 2015


Section 1 - Mary Hurst 1661

For those of us who are stitching Mary Hurst I thought that I would post some information on thread usage.

If you are using a padding stitch and two passes of satin stitch three skeins is "JUST" enough for Section 1.

This is the thread I had left without any frogging. Not a lot but ample.

I have not stitched all the eyelets in Band 6 as I rather liked the effect as is but I may review this later on.

The files on Mary have been updated today and now cover the whole of the whitework section.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Dona Dorothea

Good Evening Everyone,

Not as much progress as I had hoped for on Dona Dorothea.  Poor thing – she has been neglected while I worked some on Mary Hurst.  But, I decided the weekend was Dona’s.  However, there wasn’t much stitching time over the weekend…only managed to finish up a floral segment.  Very pretty, but what a PITA to do – stitch two squares and then change colors…stitch three more squares and then change colors again.  I will say, once completed, I am very happy with it.  Just time consuming and all that.  Here is an overall shot of the sampler as of tonight and a close-up of the floral segment.

And, another shot of Tyg, my stitching companion.  I showed one picture on the FB page the other day…here is another shot of our rescue kitty.

After nearly two months off due to some surgery, I am going back to work tomorrow.  Not sure I am so ready for this.  I told my husband I was looking at this hiatus period as a “test” to see if retirement would work for us.  It will!!  Woo-Hoo.  We love being together and I don’t think either of us made the other one too crazy – lol.  But, unfortunately, the timing is not right just yet….

I hope to get back to Mary Hurst this week and will post updates on FB.  Not sure when that will be with working again, but hopefully soon.

Now I think it’s time to read a bit and then try to get a good night’s rest.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week.