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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Tuesday, 2 December 2014


This is a round up of the posts about Mary Hurst in the Facebook Group Yesterday

"MARY MONDAYS" - 30 days to go and counting down.

We have had a marvellous response to the SAL for Mary Hurst and at the current time there are 41 definite participants.

I thought it would be nice if we all introduced ourselves to each other.

So my name is Nicola and I am a stitch-a-holic 😊. It has been less than  24 hours since my last stash addition😜😜 

I am based  in the south west of England and would describe myself as a comfortable intermediate stitcher starting to explore more advanced samplers. Mary will be my fourth band sampler and the first with detached buttonhole stitch.

I have a passion for reproduction samplers but prefer to stitch adaptations making the sampler my own.

I stitch using a Millennium frame and stand and use both hands. Good tension and lighting are a must for me.

I am always happy to help other stitchers and I can be contacted by private message via Facebook, Facebook audio, email, Face time or Skype.


On previous band samplers I have found it very useful to baste out guidelines for the left and right vertical outer edges of the sampler. It is easy to stray out by a thread and repeat that error as you stitch downwards - 30 minutes spent basting before you start stitching could save on frogging later on. 

From Bethany

Nicola asked if I could post some close ups of the top section on Mary Hurst. I hope this helps and Happy Mary Monday. Nicola, I also told you I would post the area where I did my queen stitches, but they are my interpretation.


As it is Mary Monday and feeling very inspired after seeing Bethany's wonderful close up photos of the whitework section I thought that it would be interesting to practice "SATIN" stitching some letters on our doodle cloth.

The first row of Mary is charted with letters such as the "S" in Photo 1

Now let us look at photo 2

All four S's (excluding the middle S) are stitched with the thread going in the shortest direction.

The first from the left is one stitch pass, the second has been stitched twice.
The middle S shows a padding stitch being laid.
The next S has been stitched with one stitch pass over the padding stitch and the final S being stitched twice over a padding thread.

All four are correct and down to personal taste.

Try them all and decide which is for you.

My third post for this week's Mary Monday.

Originally I referred to us stitching Mary Hurst as a SAL but this is causing confusion with the group's 2015 SAL which is Mary Gail, Elizabeth Shepherd, Mary Ann Michell and Jenny Bean.

We need to come up with a new name

This is learning project for us and an exploration and analysis of a band sampler and speciality stitches.

Can you all have a think and leave some suggestions.

The favourite name so far seems to be "Mastering Mary - A Group Learning Project"

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