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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Interview Rewind with Marsha Parker!

For this month we wanted to revisit last year’s holiday interview, with Marsha Parker of The Scarlet Letter!   

In her interview Marsha treated us to the story of how The Scarlet Letter began as well as see  her workshop and farm.  So if you are a newbie to our group here is the link to her interview.  It is well worth a look - see!  

As you will see, she also shared with us the gallery with her samplers on display!  So much inspiration to be found! 

Over the past year, Marsha has shared with us the new samplers released along the way…..

Memento Mori...... bursting with color!  

Memento Mori


And Hanna Katerina…..  so many figures in this one!  

Hanna Katerina

And even reproduced an antique sampler that Nicola had won in auction for her own collection…  Eleanor Parr!  Here is the original Eleanor Parr along with photos of Marsha working on the charting. 

Nicola's original Eleanor Parr

Charting Eleanor

Eleanor Parr, stitched bv Nicola Parkman, reproduced by Marsha Parker

Over the summer, Marsha gave us a peek at the gardens on the farm….  

Looks so beautiful and idyllic I am sure we would all love to visit!  

Some amazing sneak peeks have been offered too!

Here is an antique Scottish Sampler that she shared with us…..

As well as Mary Hammand, an amazing 18th Century sampler planned for 2015!  

Thank you, Marsha, for continuing to share your story with us and bringing us new beauties to stitch year after year!  As your collection grows so does our inspiration!  As always, we look forward to more of your future endeavors.  

Wishing everyone a happy holiday!  xx


Heritage Hall said...

I had sworn off accumulating until I have finished the "important" historical samplers I have and then our beloved Marsha and Nicola had to
show us the Mary Hammand....what
is a poor needlework addict to do? Is it not exquisite? Thank you Marsha for the tedious work of bringing Mary to us and Nicola for all her inspiration and help.
A blessed and rewarding New Year
rich in health and well-being.

Erica near Chicago said...

Thanks for the flashback. The year has flown by.