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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Monday, 10 November 2014

Mary Hurst

Is there a sampler that you admire but are hesitant to start?

Mary Hurst 1661 - has been in my stash for a little while now waiting for me.

She begins with a beautiful whitework section and goes on to feature arcaded bands with roses, acorns, honeysuckle, pomegranate, pansies and daisies. The clothing of the queen and princess are enhanced with silver metallic bullion thread.

She has lots of different stitches - counted satin, cross, Montenegrin, button hole filling, double running, Croatian flat, queen, faggot, seeding and rice.

Some of these stitches may seem daunting and a few I have not even attempted before but I do believe that all things are possible if you try, so I will be starting this sampler in the New Year after recovering from the festive season. Probably middle to end of January.

I will be posting detailed photographs as I stitch and sharing the experience with the group. I know that I can call on Bethany Gallant and Barbara for advice and guidance along the way.

If you would like to join me in stitching this absolute stunner you would be welcome.

Mary is a difficult sampler to photograph so I have included photos by three stitchers.


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

yes there are some samplers which seem so daunting I am afraid to start. Having said that it's also a great way to learn and improve. So pull on the big girl bloomers and let the stitching begin

Nupur said...

Gosh Nicola,
You know exactly how to tempt me don't you?!! I just had convinced myself this past weekend that I would not order any new samplers for now and just work on the ones in my stash ... and then your post reminded me that this is one of the samplers that I always study on the SL website...

Lydia Stevenson said...

It's a stunning sampler. I did bite on the challenge to stitch along, but I came to my senses because my beloved UFO's were yelling at me. I am looking forward to following your progress.

donnacrafts said...

Nicola, this is an amazing sampler. I would like to stitch it one day also..

Bethany said...

Anyone thinking of stitching this lovely sampler, now is the time. I don't think you will ever find more encouraging and helpful group of stitcher's, to guide and encourage your journey. Just think of all of the wonderful finished pieces we will be able to share with each other. Never think you CAN'T stitch this sampler. The thing I loved about stitching this sampler was really how quickly it stitched, due to the small width. I would start a band and before I knew it, it was complete. Remember, you can always cross stitch any areas in this sampler, that you would find too challenging. With everyone's help, I don't believe this will happen. Good luck and happy stitching to all who partake in another journey, with Nicola.