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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Saturday, 15 November 2014

Mary Hurst's Speciality Stitches - BUTTONHOLE FILLING

How many of us have stitched the sixth stitch for Mary Hurst - BUTTONHOLE FILLING?

I have done yards and yards of buttonhole on my hardanger projects and blanket stitched many sewing projects but have never used it as a filling stitch and I had totally the wrong idea of what was required for Mary Hurst. I was thinking detached buttonhole which is very different.

I am very grateful to Bethany Gallant for pointing me in the right direction. Being part of a stitching group means that there is always someone you know to turn to for help and guidance.

The diagram shows the stitch path for buttonhole stitch. Have a go practicing the stitch on your doodle cloth. If you haven't done this stitch before it may be easier to work it with a few gap threads in between until you feel comfortable 

From the left I have started with some gap threads and then switched to stitching a buttonhole stitch over every thread. This is the buttonhole filling required for Mary worked in varying shapes.

Next I stitched two leaves (as I did with satin stitch a few days ago) and then I stitched it again and thought that the second pair  sat a little better. On this one I turned my work around as I went and found it easier to maintain thread tension.

Bethany's photos of her Mary Hurst show how the buttonhole filing has been used to great effect.

I am going to spend some time between now and starting Mary practicing on my doodle cloth working the different shapes. 

Mary Corbett has an excellent video tutorial for buttonhole/blanket stitch http://youtu.be/Wcf9iJHST94


Jenny said...

Like you I have done yards and yards of this stitch on different projects....but I have never used it as a filling stitch. I can see where turning your work around would help keep the tension. My confidence is growing Nicola with every post you share :) Thank-you!

zenuwpees said...

This is so beautiful i love it