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Monday, 17 November 2014

Mary Hurst - Croatian Flat Stitch

Our eighth stitch for Mary Hurst is CROATIAN FLAT STITCH.

This is a quick stitch that covers well when you get into its rythmn. It is very similar to fishbone but has a different "spine"

Mary Corbett explains the differences very well on her website 


On Mary Hurst we use this stitch to embroider the staff held by the princess and part of her bodice.

I stitched out this stitch with four different spacings and angles 

 It is hard to see the stitch paths as the stitch covers well so have drawn them out

I then came across Photo 4 on a search of the internet and studied this with interest.

For those who have received their chart they will see that the leaf diagram on the chart is the same as on the following Photo but the shape we are stitching is the same as the "flat filling" shown in the bottom right corner of that Photo

I have stitched a small area with the needle held straight across as suggested

Either way is straight forward and we will be able to clarify with Marsha Parker which we should be aiming for.

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