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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Sunday, 16 November 2014


I have been having some interesting discussions about the different ways of stitching the buttonhole stitch on Mary Hurst.  Bethany used the plain buttonhole stitch as indicated by the diagram in the chart and shared her photos of this area which looks so good I intend to use this stitch on mine for most or the areas specified.  

Another stitcher contacted me to say she read the part of the instructions which said to stitch it in tiers and used the detached buttonhole stitch for this part.

I was very interested in the difference between the two stitches and asked Marsha for her opinion.  She confirmed that the original sampler and model had indeed used the detached buttonhole stitch but thought that either stitch looked good on the finished piece.

To help everyone decide which stitch they will prefer to include on their sampler I thought we could now look at detached buttonhole.

It is a stitch that I have never done before and have always felt intimidated by. It is easy to fear the unknown.

No laughing please but I will show you my VERY first go at it.

Definitely not my finest moment and certainly not an example to follow and one where I will cringe when I look back at it.

If you have not stitched this before do not get demoralised.This is a fiddly stitch but then all stitches are until you practice them over and over and start to understand their mechanics. 

Some of my petals are holey where I have not covered the area well enough. It is almost like making a fishing net - LOL !!!

Mary Corbett has a good youtube video. She starts her demonstration with a chain stitch outline but you can backstitch an outine or use double running stitch. 

Darlene O'Steen's Proper Stitch has a good section on the stitch page 95 onwards. There are two different methods used.

This photo shows one of Mary's flowers filled with the stitch.

I am going to spend time practicing and would be interested to know if anyone has this stitch mastered and could share some tips with the group.

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