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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Friday, 10 October 2014

Elizabeth Martel - A new sampler

A new purchase arrived today. The sampler is in very good condition. (excuse the refections of the trees and me)

This bird reminded me of Eleanor but what really drew me to the sampler were scenes  that fit so well into my son's little family and interests.

They have a lake and ducks. They even have a church across the lake, they wed in the church. Archie likes to feed the poultry and the dogs follow him everywhere.

My son shoots with his labradors and clumber spaniel. I think this one will make a perfect gift for them.

I have yet to find more information on Elizabeth Martel and whilst the sampler states she was aged 12 does not give a date. Any ideas of the period?


Lanie said...

Oh Nicola! ... such a beautiful sampler and a perfect find for your son and his family!

Jenny said...

Another beautiful sampler choice Nicola! I absolutely love the lake scene with the little girl and her dog....It will make a treasured gift for your son and his family!

Rowyn M said...

Such a beautiful sampler, and so lovely that it reflects your son and his family.

Winderwoodfarm said...

You find the most wonderful samplers. This is perfect from what you said for your son and daughter in law, I o hope they enjoy this! bob

zenuwpees said...

The sampler is lovely i like it hugs Marie-Claire

Bethany said...

I thought the bird looked like EP as well. When I met Lorraine Mootz, (she gave tours of the Stick Muster Museum), in Celle Germany and also reproduced antigue samplers for Permin of Copenhagen. She called this period the Biedermier (spelling) period. She would be able to give you a idea I am sure, she is very knowledgeable, when it comes to samplers. If you would like her email I have it.

Your son and daughter in-law are very lucky to have such a special mother-mother in-law.

Vera said...

What a fabulous find Nicola - as though it were custom made for your son and his family. Love it!