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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Thursday, 30 October 2014

Elizabeth Cox

I thought I would post a progress report on Miss Cox and share a little tip I find useful.

I like to photograph my work, enlarge it, then study it for faults. It seems far easier to notice problems this way.

Can you see how the flash has highlighted the linen showing through the stem stitches on the grassy bank under the gazebo. This is easily remedied by going back over the area with an additional row of stitches here and there.

Does anyone else check their work in this way?


Bethany said...


I find if I do the stem stitch over a thread of linen, instead of running down the same line, it hides the linen better. When you have a bulking linen thread, going down the row, when you get to that point, it will show, unless you add more stem stitches to that row later. But if you use the way I suggested, you won't have this problem.

Miss Cox is stunning..... Another fine sampler you should be proud of.

Margaret said...

OMG, two great tips! Thanks, Nicola and Bethany too! I do tend to use photography to help me plot layouts in quilting, but somehow I never used it for stitching. I will in future. And Bethany -- why did I never think of this? lolol! Maybe I will get back to that WIP with the stem stitches I'm not satisfied with. Beautiful beautiful piece, Nicola. You are amazing.

Vera said...

Another beautiful sampler Nicola. I do so much enjoy seeing your stitching. What a lot of solid stitching on this one too!! And, no, I don't check my work that carefully or closely...I always seem anxious to move on to the next piece - lol. But I do look at my work as I stitch and make adjustments as needed.

Debbie Bauer said...

No I don't but from now on I
will! Great tips Nicola and Bethany!

Krista said...


Erica near Chicago said...

Another wonderful project -- and such lovely colors.