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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Monday, 1 September 2014

Dona Dorothea and Visitors to our House

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone!  Hope everyone is having a great end of summer.  We had some terrific thunderstorms yesterday, but they cut the humidity (at least for a little while), so that was good.  It is funny that now summer is waning we are getting some of the “Philadelphia Summer Weather” – hazy, hot and humid.  But, that won’t last long.

Since I last posted on Dona Dorothea I have been busy constructing some buildings.  There is now a church on the left and the start of another building to the right of that (red roof complete…walls yet to go up).  To the bottom right of the checkerboard stag is a darling house and tree.  Love this building so much!  First up an overall shot and then a couple of close-ups of the new construction.  I hope to get some more completed today.

I decided to outline the cream colored flower (above the church) that hadn’t shown up very well the last time…decided outlining was better/easier than frogging.  I kept the cream color on the church since there is an outline of browns around it.  For the windows I used a different shade of cream – one that has the faintest tinge of pink to it, like what you might see in a window at sunset.  In these pictures it doesn’t look very different from the cream of the walls, but in person I can see a subtle difference and like it.

We have been having some visitors here to our house.  First up a deer who came down to forage for fallen apples under our tree.  So very pretty.  At times we have 4-5 under the tree at once.  But they are wary and easily spooked.

You can see a few apples on the tree in the picture above.  This year they are all small and every single one is damaged (we don’t use any pesticides).  So, no apple-sauce making this year!

Then Steve, our resident ground hog, dragged a cantaloupe that had fallen outside of the raised bed box across a good part of the yard and then sat and consumed it!  The funniest part was when he picked up the melon in his front paws (do they have paws??) and shoved his face into the flesh.  We were laughing out loud!  A little had to see in the picture below, but he is there.

Finally, we watched an excellent documentary on Netflix last night.  If you have a chance, we highly recommend “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” – a wonderful piece.

However you are spending your days, I hope you are enjoying.  I will have constructed some more buildings by the next time I post.


Bethany said...

thank you for sharing all the wonderful photo's. Your sampler is coming along nicely, but it is also nice to see your welcome visitors. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Aileen said...

Beautiful post Vera.
I must, must, must stitch this lovely sampler some day-Thank-you for the inspiration!

You have a beautiful sampler to represent your deer visitors, now all you need is to find a sampler that honours Steve the groundhog! ;)

Wouldn't that be sweet!

Margaret said...

My daughter recommended that documentary too! Have to watch it sometime. Love your stitching -- looking so good! Love the pics of the visitors too -- the deer are beautiful, and that ground hog -- lol!

Nicola said...

A very enjoyable post Vera. I have never seen a hog before. DD is looking good, the checkered stag always makes me smile.

JoAnn said...

I thought your photos of the sampler were nice, especially the little church, and then I saw your nature photos. Wow! How nice it must be to have wild animals come into your yard to feed. Doesn't get much better than that.

Julie said...

Love that Checkerboard deer. Doesn't look like his relatives in your yard, though! Once we saw a deer in our back yard. She darted away when she saw us, but didn't go far. A few minutes later a newborn fawn stumbled to its feet and followed Mom on wobbly legs. Miss having a yard where that sort of miracle is a regular occurrence. Won't bore you with the story about how the Mama wild turkey walks her new chicks when being attacked by crows!

zenuwpees said...

I love it nice embroidery hugs Marie-Claire