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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Saturday, 16 August 2014

Eleanor Parr 1816

I feel as if I have been missing in action but I have been busy stitching away on the model for Eleanor Parr. Eliz. Cox has been put to one side but will be picked straight back up when Eleanor is finished.

Eliz. Cox 

This is where I was when I started Eleanor.

Eliz. Cox

Marsha is still charting Eleanor and is current working on the vines and leaves that connect the birds in the outer border. 

Eleanor Parr 1816

I have so much respect for Marsha's charting skills and seeing the chart grow has been an amazing experience.

Eleanor Parr 1816

The top of the centre panel has been charted and stitched.

Eleanor Parr 1816

Marsha is charting the sampler with the colours Eleanor used rather than the faded colours of time. 

Eleanor Parr 1816

It really is so pretty.

Eleanor Parr 1816

Miss Scarlet and Miss Georgina have made an appearance and the four corner motifs have been stitched.

Eleanor Parr 1816

Here is the first of the 18 birds. 

Eleanor Parr 1816

Thank you Marsha for allowing me to share these with you. 

Eleanor is a big girl at 426 x 490 and is stitched over two with the exception of the verse which is over one and a small area under the girls feet which will be in stem stitch but can be crossed stitched if preferred.

She should be ready for shipping at the end of October or November so will be perfect for our Christmas list.

I hope to post another sneak peak soon.


Krista said...

Beautiful work, Nicola!! Both are amazing. Thank you for giving us a sneak peek. It is such a colorful and happy sampler!

Nicola said...

Eleanor had such an eye for colour. I could not beleive the back when I took the sampler out of the frame.

This sampler will brighten the darkest corners. It is full of springtime, sunshine and the happiness of Miss Scarlet and Georgina as they chatter and stroll.

It could be a scene from a Jane Austen novel.

Jenny said...

Lovely....just lovely! I have loved this sampler since you first shared her with us Nicola....thank you for all the sneak peaks, my fingers are itching to stitch this one!

Heritage Hall said...

You never cease to amaze, Nicola..
what a splendid feat...in the
making. Would it not be something if Eleanor dipped into
her already accumulated stash and
"picked out" the colors as she went along...all the more amazing.
It is such a happy study...
Onward & upward....

Lanie said...

Oh my, my, my .... Miss Eleanor is glorious!!!! I am in love!!! I will definitely be stitching her in honor of my two daughters who share the BFF bond that is unique to sisters.Thank you Nicola and Marsha for adding another spectacular sampler to our world!

Cindy L said...

Oh, Nicola, this is gorgeous! I was wondering where you've been. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful stitching. I love this sampler and also thought of stitching it for my daughters. It has inspired me to keep stitching on Dorothy Walpole so I will be ready!

Judy Yunt said...


Bhooma said...

It is gorgeous Nicola ! As always, your stitching is exceptional. Thanks for sharing this with us.

I can't wait for this sampler to be released.

Reconstructed Fabulousness said...

The colours are just so pretty and feminine. This sampler will most surely be destined for my stash. Thanks so much Marsha and Nicola for enabling this beautiful design and this sneek peek. Can't wait! Rae

zenuwpees said...

Wow two beautiful embroiderys it is a great works when is it finish hugs Marie-Claire

sallyfr said...

I know what you mean about a scene from a Jane Austen novel, this piece also reminds me of Chatsworth House and Duchess Georgina.

sallyfr said...

It looks like my previous comment has flown into cyberspace and disappeared.

Congratulations on this piece to both Nicola and Marsha. I just love the colors shown on the reproduction, "hot" pink being one of my favourite colors.

It looks as if this chart will be available and ready for a wonderful Christmas present from my brother-in-law. He usually does not mind suggestions from me!

Vera said...

Beautiful! Gorgeous! The colors are marvelous. Love the peek at the first bird...so pretty.

Dianne said...

Oh how beautiful! I look forward to stitching this one!


Margaret said...

Thanks so much for sharing your progress with the model of Eleanor Parr and with Marsha's charting of her. I'm so in love with Eleanor and can't wait for her to be available!

Silkstitcher - Kay Lynn said...

Oh Nicola You never cease to amaze me! And Marsha too. I can't even imagine charting this detailed sampler! What an honour for you to stitch the model, and so deserved! I am still plugging away on Dorcas Haynes and I am getting very close to finishing Miss Grace Catlin. I would love to stitch Eleanor but am afraid she might take me years to finish! I look forward to seeing more sneak peeks. Happy stitching!