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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Update on The Knox Family Sampler

Although I have been working on The Knox Family Sampler exclusively, I don't feel like I have made good progress. I think this is the longest it has ever taken for me to complete a sampler.

I finally finished the large letters. The filigree work took quite a while.

Between stitching the letters, I tried to extend the borders a bit. Next, I started on the houses. The first house was brick. There is a straight stitch around each brick which did slow things down.

The next house was smaller and pink. The stitching was quicker on this one.

Then I started on the first tree. I am currently filling in the foliage on this one. The stitch used is a wheat-ear stitch.

This is where I left off. It  Here is a photo of the whole sampler where I left off.

It does seem as if this one has taken a very long time, but I am hoping to finish it up soon now.

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My Scarlet Letter Almost Year

Every time I have taken a picture of M. Quertier with the intention of posting an update.  Something happens.
  • Computer dies
  • Computer is fried by electrical strike to our travel trailer
  • We rescued what turned out to be a Lhasa Apso from a frozen shoulder of the road
  • Jeff gets one kidney stone after another, requiring surgery
  • I have a PTSD episode leading to months of increased depression
  • I’ve take a couple online classes that are rather time consuming
And then there is the fact that every time I take a picture it is that very night rendered irrelevant as I complete the current motif or start another.  That is the case today.  I finished the motif that appears to be in progress.  Then completed the carnation under it and am half-way through the top motif on the right edge.  So I can say honestly I am half done!
I love stitching this piece and don’t want it to end.  It is so relaxing and feels like a bit of “self-care” when I am stitching it.  Time seems to stop.  Even when I’m frogging, which I have done a few times.  On the other hand, I have been so inspired by all the work I have seen on this site that I want get to the next one—soon!  I thought I would do the Christmas sampler from last year, but there are so many on my wish list to choose from.  I am immersing myself in Christmas projects right now and the Christmas sample may just be “too much” Christmas for me, if you know what I mean!?

I’m wondering how many people have more than one Scarlet Letter in progress?  (But then do I really need to add one more to my rotation?!)

Friday, 22 August 2014

Dona Dorothea Update

Hi Everyone,

Just about to my most favorite season of all!  I know some of you are sorry to see summer waning…but I am more than ok with that.  Though, as my husband has said:  “this has been the BEST summer I can ever remember!”  We have had warm days, cool nights.  It has been beautiful.  Our garden is different – some things are (have been) taking off…others are doing nothing.  But we are enjoying it all.  The fact that we have not had to use the AC for weeks is a gift especially after last winter’s heating  bills).

It has been some time since I last posted.  Not as much stitching as I would have hoped for, but busy with other things (putting up garden produce, making curtains for our new camper, napping, reading, etc.).  I’ve also done some changes – I cut my hair which was almost to my waist!!  It is now ultra short (I have been known to do this before)…think going from very long hair to a cut like Claire Underwood’s (for those of you who are “House of Cards” fans).  I love it!

Without further chatter, here are pics of where I am on Dona Dorothea.  I love, love, love this sampler.  It is beautiful.  First an overall shot and then a couple of close-ups.  You will see the checkerboard stag/deer is now stitched.  How cute is that?  A bunch more motifs to stitch and then on to the bands at the bottom.

So many more samplers to tempt us all.  At times it hard to stay on task and not get distracted – lol.




You can see in the close-up above that the pale cream color (in the motif to the left of the lion) does not show up very well.  I may change that out for another color in some motifs.  I think it will be ok in buildings (where other colors surround it), but by itself it needs a little something more I think.

Hope everyone is enjoying the end of summer and looking forward to a fun/glorious Fall.  I’ve been enjoying all the recent updates on the blog.