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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Sunday, 13 July 2014

JCS July Progress

Hello everyone!

We are in a serious heat wave here in BC.  I find it hard to stitch when it's so hot! The past month had been a difficult month for me but now things have settled down and I can enjoy the days going to farmer's markets, cycling, hiking and visiting friends and family.  I did manage to add in a few stitches onto JCS.  I found the vine part quite tricky as I kept making little mistakes.  I don't think anyone can notice though so I kept a few in.  Here is a photo of my slow progress.

Loads of little flowers, fruits and birds to fill in and around the vines.  I think this area will be the trickiest part of the design.  Can't wait to get to stitching the Adam and Eve!!

Hope everyone's week will be full of sunshine and stitching!




Bethany said...

Not to worry, I couldn't see one mistake and no one else will either. Just enjoy and don't sweat the small stuff.....

Elizabeth said...

I can't see any mistakes either. We will never know if the original sampler had mistakes either (which I suspect they had). So as Bethany said…enjoy.

zenuwpees said...

La broderie est deja belle bonne journée Marie-Claire

Lanie said...

Unless it is a huge blunder, I always leave my little goofs in ... my little secrets ;) I find the mistakes made by the original young stitchers to be a sweet part of their sampler's "story".

Cindy L said...

Any stitching is progress! It is true that usually we are the only ones to see our mistakes so don't worry about them.