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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Gift, Progress, a Visitor

Hi Everyone,

Friday when I arrived home from work a package was on the kitchen table for me.  The fabric (gorgeous) and notebook (love it) from Carmen had arrived.  And, she included two packs of needles.  Thank you again Carmen!  What a perfect ending to a less-than-perfect work week.  I already have a SL project in mind for the fabric, but I need/want to work on Dona Dorothea for now.  Lovely to plan ahead though.

I managed to do a bit of stitching on Dona Dorothea last week…unfortunately no stitching this weekend.  Errands and chores got in the way and then just extreme tiredness/laziness.  I didn’t sleep well Saturday night due to the neighbors having a rowdy party that went on till after midnight.  What I should have done was close the bedroom windows and turn the air on, but we were having one of those gloriously cool summer evenings and I prefer fresh air to air conditioning…so I didn’t.  And, thus, no sleep.  My own fault.  But, here is where Dona Dorothea stands for now.  Not sure if any stitching will be done tonight…but maybe…

Yesterday my husband and I were sitting on the patio with beverages before dinner when we heard a little splash.  This gentleman (or lady?) had hopped into a little pool of water we have by our patio and then hopped out onto the mulch beside it.  So tiny and so cute, BUT, as I told Fletch, when he is in the water with his head sticking out his/her head suspiciously looks like a snake head – YIKES!!

Fletch saw him/her again this evening, but when I looked he/she was in hiding.  So far Tyg hasn’t seen him (luckily).

Hard to believe that we are already past the middle of July.  The summer is flying by.  We are looking forward to our son and his girlfriend coming home over Labor Day weekend – can’t wait for that!

Have a great week!


Bethany said...

What a lovely package. It is nice to have plans for your next SL project. If I ever finish MaryAnn Macdonald, I will be one of the first to purchase Nicola's reproduction sampler, Marsha is working on. We all find our time slips away and stitching some times takes a back seat, but DD is coming along nicely.

Lanie said...

Congrats, again Vera on winning the July give-away ... such a nice prize ... and extra special that it cheered up your day!
'Dorothea' is one of those samplers that just makes you smile ... I hope you enjoy your time with her.

Margaret said...

What a lovely prize! Love Dona Dorothea. I need to get back to her sometime. Cute frog! (If you can call a frog cute. lol!)

zenuwpees said...

Vous avez recu un beau cadeau ,beau debut de broderie Marie-Claire

Cindy L said...

Congratulations again, Vera. It is always such a joy to receive a package in the mail. Dona Dorothea is coming along nicely.

kathy b said...

Summer is going too fast. ITs too bad winter goes so slow!!
Love your froggy

Nicola said...

So pleased you like your prize. I have some toads that live near my back door and at night I have to be careful they don't hop in. I have tried relocating them into another part of the garden but they always come back.