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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Monday, 2 June 2014

JCS Progress!

Hello everyone!

It's been some time since I've posted a progress picture of JCS.  I have been very busy lately and there's been some stresses at work, since we are on a strike.  Hopefully things will turn around and our greedy government will give us teachers a raise since they gave themselves a hefty raise! 

Onto stitching!! It's been beautiful here in New Westminster lately.  Yesterday, I took JCS for a walk in the park, laid on a towel then stitched in the sunshine.  It was so lovely to see the silks in the sunlight, shining with silkiness.  Here is what I've accomplished so far.  I'm getting into the lacy vine part which is exciting.

Leaping deer
I am aiming to finish this sampler by the end of the year however, I have other samplers on the go! I try to focus on JCS at least once a week but this weekend, it was all about JCS. 

Until the next update, happy stitching everyone!!



Winderwoodfarm said...

very nice stitching! i have this in my stash and will need to get it started soon.
i hope you get a raise, teachers make to little!

woolwoman said...

looks great Anne - glad you are enjoying it and getting it out for fresh air and sunshine. Melody

Jenny said...

Your sampler is looking lovely! I love to stitch outside....I should do it more often....it is always so enjoyable!

Bethany said...

Never thought about taking my stitching outside. A great idea, but only in cooler weather, it is tooooooooo HOT in Florida at the moment.

Debbie Bauer said...

Beautiful Anne! It's so great you can stitch outdoors. Too many bugs here! Hope it gets less stressful at work soon!

Erica near Chicago said...

Very nice. Stitching outside sounds like fun. Hope things get less stressful soon.

Theresa said...

Isn't it wonderful that we have our stitching to bring some comfort to the challenges in life (I hope you get your raise too : ) Teachers work very hard!
JCS looks so great. Love the color palette in this one and you are stitching it so perfectly!

Cindy L said...

JCS is coming along beautifully. I find stitching to be such a stress relief and hope everything goes in your favor.

Vera said...

So pretty. Love the deer!! I can't seem to stitch outside...too hot, or buggy or way too sneezy - lol.

Nicola said...

I do like this sampler and your stitching is perfection. Thank you for sharing.