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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Friday, 9 May 2014

Meanwhile, over on Blog Two...

When Nicola and I started the Scarlet Letter Blog we never dreamed it would attract so many wonderful stitchers from all over the World.  So many in fact that we rapidly filled Blog One and had to start Blog Two.

However we have noticed that Blog Two does not attract the same viewing figures as Blog One.  So in order to tempt you over there I will be doing a weekly recap of posts on Blog Two, starting today with May so far.

Please pop over there and say Hi to the stitchers too.  We all love comments!!

The Stitch Wizard starts Ruthy Rogers

Update on Theresa's Frances Marshall

Rae's Cutwork on Ann Lawle

Update on Tommye's Janet Carsels

Stitch Wizard's Stem Stitching on Ruthy Rogers

Bob from Winderwood Farm's Ruthy Rogers

Gramma Vickie introduces herself

Cheryl introduces herself!

Dawn M finishes The Wind Blows

Lanie stitches Mary Bailey and The Huntsman

Debbie B stitches Ruthy Roger's Apple Tree


Krista said...

Great idea! So much great inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Echo Krista's comments, also how about adding a reminder about competitions/prizes?

Bethany said...

Jo, Thank you for thinking of this idea. We truly have many wonderful and talented stitcher's in this blog. I for one, hate to miss seeing any of the new posts. I feel if I miss going on to the blog for a few days, I will get lost in all the new and exciting posts and I love to comment and encourage. Where would we be without the inspiration of others......

Stitch Wizard said...

Jo this is such a nice thing to do for Blog 2. Yes there are so many others doing such beautiful work, it would be sad for people to miss out in there as well. I for one go to both as I love seeing other's work as it inspires me. I didn't realize blog 2 was not being looked at equally. Thank you for your efforts!