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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Monday, 21 April 2014

Ellenor Wykcs

I hope that everyone has had an enjoyable Easter Sunday. We started the day with a long walk with Poppy and Blue and got caught in torrential rain a fair distance from home.

Hot showers and cups of tea were required on our return home and the afternoon and evening have been spent in front of the wood burner stitching on Ellenor?

Here are the latest bands, only two more (ableit large ones) to go and she will be finished.

She is the prettiest of samplers. There are alot of similarities in the design to EK 1653 so the bands seem familiar. 

I have spent time this weekend watching Mary Corbett's video on stem stitch and reading her articles. It was very interesting reading about S and Z twisted threads and then practicing the stitch with the thread above and then below the needle and seeing the different way the thread sits.

There is so much to learn about needlework and I am enjoying sharing this journey with you all.


Stitch Wizard said...

Happy Easter to you Nicola! This is so so beautiful and you amaze me with how much you get stitched. I too have been going over Mary Corbet's video and articles about stem stitching and I have been practicing the stem stitch as well. I think I have finally figured it out but am sure I will be looking at it again several times to make sure. It is fun learning something new and I think we are all going to really enjoy Ruthy so much. I am glad you got out of the cold rain and home with some tea and warmth by the fire with your sweet dogs.

Krista said...

Happy Easter, Nicola! Lovely progress on Ellenor. You are right, so many similarities to EK.

Bhooma said...

Your Ellenor is beautiful Makes me wa nt to stitch another band on mine. I am trying to finish some old WIP's. Once I am done with those I hope to get back to Ellenor.

Vera said...

Nicola, Ellenor is just so gorgeous. Love the colors in this one and your stitching is beautiful. Sorry your walk ended up being a soggy one! We had a quiet Easter with gorgeous weather (finally!!).

Erica near Chicago said...

Ah Nicola. Ellenor looks jewel-like. You are a marvel.

Jenny said...

Ellenor is looking absolutely beautiful Nicola! I love the colors in this sampler....I find myself thinking about this sampler at times so I know I will have to stitch her eventually. Band samplers are so beautiful and Ellenor is a stunning one! The video and articles by Mary Corbett sound really interesting...I will have to check into them. Thank goodness for hot tea and a warm fire!

Theresa said...

Your Easter sounds lovely. You are stitching so quickly, it's amazing how much you get done! this one has such pretty colors.

Cindy L said...

Ellenor is another stunner! Nicola, your stitching is so inspirational. I hope to find some more stitching time this week while I await my new order from SL.

Lanie said...

Oh my Nicola ... 'Ellenor' just gets prettier and prettier with each progress post! Your stitching is lovely! I love how all the satin stitching just makes these beautiful colors shimmer.
Cannot wait to see all the 'Ruthy' starts ... she charms me every time I see a picture of her! I will be eagerly following the progress.