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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Saturday, 12 April 2014

An Easter Egg and Easter Bunny Hunt

We are having an Easter Egg Hunt for contributors but everyone who visits our Gallery can join in the fun with with our Easter Bunny Hunt.

Details of the contributors Easter Egg Hunt can be found here and for the Easter Bunny Hunt which is open to everyone details can be found here.


A big thank you to Krista for laying out the Easter Eggs and Bunnies for us to find and to Marsha for her continued and generous support of Our Scarlet Letter Years.


Kaisievic said...

What a fun idea!

Elizabeth said...

A lovely idea. Thank you to all of you for giving your time to do this and to Marsha for her generosity.

Cindy L said...

What a fun idea! I always enjoy viewing the gallery.