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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Friday, 11 April 2014

A Finish! And, Did I Speak Too Soon?

Happy to say that I just put the last stitch in Scottish Sampler Circa 1740.  This was a fun stitch and I love the two birds at the bottom.  So cute.  This was stitched on 32 count linen using DMC threads.  I made a few minor changes, stitching one row in Smyrna stitch instead of cross stitch and moved a few things over by a couple of spaces.  I love the geometric designs on either side (Ikat-like) and the big flower centered in the bottom half.  And the crowns…lots to love about this sampler!  Here is an overall shot and a close up of the two birds at the bottom.


Now I need/want to get back to Elizabeth Mitchell.  I am so tempted to start another one as well…I’ll see.


I may have spoken too quickly about visiting the Scarlet Letter in May.  Turns out that Marsha will be away for the month of May.  There is only one day in our travels that I can fit in a visit…am waiting to hear back from Marsh whether anyone will be on site so that I may enhance my stash.  Fingers crossed (while not stitching).


Gorgeous day here in PA.  I left work at Noon to enjoy the afternoon.  I’m thinking some iced coffee on my patio and then back to stitching.


Enjoy the weekend!


Krista said...

Beautiful finish, Vera!! Love the vibrant colors and the crowns! Congrats! Enjoy the nice Spring weather.

Margaret said...

That is just so so beautiful! I love it! Another one for the wish list. lol! Congratulations! Bummer about Marsha being away when you are in the area. Hope someone can let you in for stash enhancement.

Winderwoodfarm said...

wonderful looking! i am adding this to my wish list too!

Cindy L said...

Congratulations on your beautiful finish! I hope something works out for your visit to SL.

Nicola said...

What a shame about the visit Vera!!!! I do hope that you will still be able to sort something out.

Well done on a wonderful finish. The colours are so appealing.

Kim Hummel said...

Beautiful finish. I stitched this one also last year and greatly enjoyed it.

Bethany said...

great finish. I do hope you will be able to work something out with Marsha. Good luck.