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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I made it!!

With a day to spare as well!

Remember my first post back in November 2012 when I was trying to decide which of the many Scarlet Letter samplers to stitch?  I wish I'd known back then how much work is involved!  My choice was the English Transtitional which is absolutely gorgeous but much more than a year's work for me.  If I am lucky I may finish it by my own 50th Birthday (2016 in case you wondered)

So luckily for me I won a prize in the Advent Calendar giveaways, the lovely petite Elizabeth Burrows.  But even with a small sampler like this, the cover picture is deceptive.  There are different stitches and techiques to learn.  Much of Elizabeth is stitched over three rather than the usual one or two.  So that involves careful counting.  She is also larger than she first appears, I used 35 count and she is the same size as a piece of A4 paper.

According to my stitching diary I started her on the 8th January 2014 and finished her last night on 18th February 2014.  And here she is:

Stitched on 35 count SL linen
Using Olde Willow and DMC

This is a scanned picture rather than a photograph because it shows the colours so much better.  I used some linen threads from Olde Willow Linen Threads for three of the colours and DMC 152 for the pale pink.

The linen threads were an interesting experience.  As you may expect they are similar to linen fabric with uneven parts and even slubs!  I wonder if the young Elizabeth stitched with something similar to them or if she had silks to use?  They are also very slightly variegated which shows well in the dividing borders.  I do like the subtle effect.

So, my first Scarlet Letter finish, the only question now is - what next?  Do I start Janet Carsels who was my Christmas present, do I press on with some of the English Transitional or do I buy another small chart and get another finish sometime this summer?


Lanie said...

Yaaayyy, Jo! Congratulations! 'Elizabeth' is a charmer ... I love her!
The linen thread is very interesting ... have never stitched with it but I may try it when I stitch Elizabeth.

Nicola said...

Now do I need to email you about this finish ??????? :o))

Well done Jo I knew you could finish her in time. She is charming and I love the look the linen threads give.

Vera said...

Congratulations Jo! Elizabeth looks great. Interesting about the linen threads...I think I have some in my stash, but mostly ivories and tans to use for hem stitching. Will be interested to see what you do next!!

Krista said...

Woo-hoo! Congrats Jo!! Looks great!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful finish Jo, Congrats.

Jenny said...

Congratulations Jo! Elizabeth is just lovely! I have looked at her many times... I am so pleased you were able to finish her in time, I knew you could do it! I will look forward to seeing what you choose next.

Debbie Bauer said...

You did it!! She's beautiful Jo!
Can't wait to see what you choose next.

Gillie said...

You did it! I was holding my breath, whew, now I can breathe again!

Scarlet Letter said...

It might appear simple, but those specialty stitches make a big difference.

Bethany said...

I knew you would finish. Now, the fun begins again. For many years to come. What to do next. We all say the same and with Marsha's growing list it isn't hard to find something. What is hard is finding just one. Wishing you happy stitching for the years to come....

Cindy L said...

Congratulations Jo!! I knew you could do it....very pretty colors. Thank you for such a wonderful year!

Anne said...

YAY!! Big congrats to you Jo for finishing her! She is so beautiful and I love all those eyelets!! OOH Janet Carsels start her! I think I may need get this sampler too!!