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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Fitzwilliam Museum Handbook by Carol Humphrey

Kate told me about a book on the samplers at the Fitzwilliam Museum which feature several samplers that Marsha has reproduced.

It is being offered for sale used for a penny plus postage by some seond hand book dealers on amazon UK. Here is the link


I immediately ordered one and it arrived today. There are about 60 odd samplers which are well photographed - well worth the penny and £2.80 postage.


Martha S said...

This is a really good reference book. I like her books.

Michele said...

Being in the UK, I have been lucky enough to visit the Fitzwilliam Museum and see some of the samplers in the book and a couple that are available through the Scarlet letter. This is a wonderful book. I bought mine one one of my visits. Well worth buying.

Julie said...

The link shows a book that is shipped from Connecticut. To get the book if you're in the US it costs a bit more than a penny!:) I'm ordering one from an Oklahoma vendor for $6.20 and book postal rate. Here's the US Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Samplers-Fitzwilliam-Museum-Handbooks-Humphrey/dp/0521575923/ref=pd_ybh_2