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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Ann Medd....getting there

With all of the colouring in stitches it is easy to think that progress is not being made.  Having to photograph Ann Medd to post make me appreciate just how much I have done.   I always try to set myself a target when doing the background but it still seems to be going slowly.  I was hoping to finish for the 20th but with 3 pages still to stitch it won't happen.  Never mind.  I am loving stitching her and in some ways will be sorry when she is finished.  As an aside.  I have got Manifesto and have made a start but all the colouring in........will take years!

Ann Medd 13/1/14
Ann Medd 2/2/14


Lanie said...

Beautiful work, Michele ... 'Ann' is quite an accomplishment! Enjoy your final stitching on her.

Krista said...

It is an amazing treasure in the works!!

Bethany said...

You are really moving along on Ann.

Cindy L said...

You are stitching two amazing samplers and will be so proud when they are finished. Ann is just beautiful!

Nicola said...

Wonderful Michele, every stitch will be worth it.

Jenny said...

You are stitching Ann just beautifully. She is an incredible sampler and worth every minute of stitching...she is such a work of art!