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Saturday, 1 February 2014

A Re-Start

Hello Everyone


And, Happy Weekend!  Whew this has been a beast of a week.  I am so happy to be at the end of it.


When I last posted, I showed pics of my two new starts.  Well, one of them has been re=started. N. Hinde was not working out as planned.  The fabric I was using had a huge slub in it (and many smaller ones as well).  I had tried to fix it but was unable to pick it out and re-weave the linen thread, was unable to un-pick the large clump that appeared, etc.  So, I decided to just stitch over it.  It occurred at the letter “T.”  I continued on through the letter “z,” but each time I picked it up it became uglier and uglier to me.  Finally late last night I decided to bag it and just start over with a fresh piece of linen.  As it turns out, what I had been stitching on had been labeled 40 count, but apparently it was not!  I am now stitching it (over one) on 40 count and it is noticeably smaller than what I had been stitching.  It’s a bear on my eyes, but I do love the way it looks.


Here’s a photo of the new start (stark white which I am really enjoying for a change) and then a shot of the new start with the old one underneath it – you can see the difference in size.



Not sure how much will get done this weekend – lots of chores to get done and general running around (plus a pedicure and manicure – woo-hoo!!).  Next week I fly out to North Carolina on Wednesday for a long girls’ weekend with my best friend.  Massages are booked, shopping is planned and we plan to meet up with Chris (http://totstitch.blogspot.com/) and Myra (http://gr8damesplace.blogspot.com/) for dinner one night (hi girls).  Can’t wait!!


Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Nicola said...

I admire you decision to start again Vera. It is hard but worth it if you are not happy.

A manicure and pedicure sounds divine, just what I need. This cold weather is hard on the hands if you like being outdors.

Cindy L said...

Vera, those slugs can be so annoying and frustrating. Glad your are happy with your new fabric.

Bethany said...

Don't you just hate when that happens. We need to check our linen more closely......