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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Thursday, 27 February 2014

A Post for Theresa G

Please welcome a new member Theresa:-

YES! Maria Theresa Wilkinson  has an H in her THeresa like me. I too adore the verse. I  also love all the little whimsical figures AND the fact that the young lady who created her also shares an H in her name. It's a challenging piece for a new beginner, but I'm so pleased with my choice!

Progress has been slow, but steady, and I am having such fun with this new project! I haven't made a sampler since I was a little girl. I loved cross stitch then and am loving it now. I also recall how much I loved embroidering little pillow cases for my bed when I was a child. My mother bought several for me at the local dime store. Despite being a bit yellowed now, I still use many of them and love how soft, old cotton feels on my face. ;-)

I feel like I've made a great start on MTW, despite a couple of false ones where I had to start ALL over. I'm an avid knitter, so I'm well used to fiddling until I'm satisfied that I've done my very best. I'm not too crazy tho, so am OK with leaving a few mistakes to remind me of human imperfection. Do you know the Joyce Kilmer poem, "Trees"? The last line is my favorite, "... only God can make a tree." ;-) 

Joyce Kilmer. 1886–1918
119. Trees
THINK that I shall never see 
A poem lovely as a tree. 
A tree whose hungry mouth is prest 
Against the sweet earth's flowing breast; 
A tree that looks at God all day,         5
And lifts her leafy arms to pray; 
A tree that may in summer wear 
A nest of robins in her hair; 
Upon whose bosom snow has lain; 
Who intimately lives with rain.  10
Poems are made by fools like me, 
But only God can make a tree.

... At first I just sort of danced around MTW, looked over the chart at least 10 times...picked up the linen, felt it, put it down...worried about if i would make a mess of the back side....then I just jumped in! So far the greatest challenges have been my aging eyesight on this 40 count linen, and the fact that I don't have enough needles.  I'm constantly threading the same needle. Any suggestions for the best size to stash for 1 DMC over 2 on 40 count?  My brother Tom, "bless his heart", loaned me the headset magnifier that he uses for making models. It helps a great deal, but it doesn't quite flip down  properly over my specs. It actually causes my glasses to dent my nose! I've been researching the best options. Any advice? I also look forward to buying a Millennium Frame. 

I'm following  the SLY blogs 1 and 2 via email every day from my home near Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA.

 Nettie, my Welshie, collects my stray threads on her ungroomed ears and returns them each morning. I find them in my bed!


Nicola said...

A very warm welcome Theresa. I am so looking forward to following your progress. I "think" your MTW will be the first stitched by the group.

The poem is beautiful and I have noted it down to hopefully use in a sampler one day. It has touched my heart.

Fiona said...

Welcome Theresa. For stitching with one thread over two I used a 28 needle. My favourite are petites.

Laura said...

Welcome Theresa!

Jenny said...

Welcome Theresa! You have started Maria just beautifully! I have loved this sampler for along time so will love watching your progress! I also have loved this poem for along time! Thank-you for sharing it....it was a great start to my morning! Enjoy your stitching! Nettie is so adorable....those eyes went straight to my heart!

Vera said...

Welcome to the group Theresa! Such a pretty sampler...such an adorable doggie!! I'll look forward to watching your progress.

Heritage Hall said...

Welcome, Theresa; brave one who
tackles 40ct for her initial project. What a beautiful sampler
Joyce Kilmer, the poet, came from
my childhood neck of the woods and
that poem, in particular, is a
pride of N.J. Nicola will certainly do justice to it in stitches.

Lanie said...

Welcome, Theresa, to the Scarlet Letter fun!
So happy to see you stitching MTW ... she has been kicking around in my stitching basket for several, and who knows why I have not yet stitched her ... she certainly is charming. I will follow your progress with great interest ... you will be my inspiration to get her started! Enjoy!
My magnifying lamp along with my reading glasses are what keeps me stitching the 40ct linens ... couldn't do it without them. Good luck in your search for what works for you.

Jonette said...

Welcome! I really like this sampler. I also like to sue 28 petites. I live in Halifax County VA which is not that far from Chapel Hill.

Theresa Gilliam said...

Hello, HELLO to ALL and thanks so much for the warm and gracious welcomes and advice and encouragement! Nicola, thanks so much for sharing my ramblings here and for nurturing this new beginner ;-) Nettiie Belle Barker and I are thrilled to be part of your group and we look forward to following along with your projects and sharing ours ;-)... Ahem...OK...now for the update...I ordered some size 26 petits Spiral Eye needles ( smallest they offer) and hope they'll be a helpful solution for my needle threading/dim eyes challenges. Anyone else use those? I also bought some 2.5 reading glasses this weekend. So far they're better than the loaned magnifier from my bro, (bless his heart ;-)....but I feel like I still need more magnification on this 40 count. I'll also keep you posted on my upcoming magnify explorations. We're chugging along on MTW... Thanks again to all you kind peeps ;-)... Best, Tree and Dot Net!

Debbie Bauer said...

Welcome, Theresa! You are going to enjoy being part of the OSLY group. Everyone is very welcoming, inspiring and so helpful! I use a magnification light for stitching. I tried the clip on magnifying glasses but found it a nuisance putting them on and off. Nettie is so cute! Looking forward to your progress with Theresa.

Silkstitcher - Kay Lynn said...

Welcome to our blog. We are bunch of gals who love to stitch old samplers from the past! Nicola is the absolute best friend to have. She is the fastest stitcher I've ever seen. I use 28 Bohin from France for 40 ct. A 26 Bohin for 35 ct linen that Marsha uses in some of her kits.
I agree using 40 ct for your first sampler is quite a feat. Good luck. Send me your email. I have some ideas for magnifying lamps for your aging eyes. I had the same problem and found a solution. My email is silkstitcher926@gmail.com. By the way, I have sung Trees many, many times. A very special poem and song!
Kay Lynn

Bethany said...

Welcome Theresa. You are going to fit right in here and Nettie will too. Looks like Kay Lynn is going to advise in the light department. Mom and I sit side by side, when I am home visiting, using rolaframe, stands and frames, with floor stand, Dazor Maglights. Neither one of us would like to stitch without..... Looking forward to your posts...

Aileen said...

Welcome Theresa, Thank-you for sharing your pictures, your progress and the poem!

Cindy L said...

Welcome Theresa! I look forward to photo updates on MTW. She has been on my wish list for some time.

Krista said...

Welcome Theresa! Love the start you have made. What a super sweet helper Nettie is!

Rena Jones said...

Your sampler will be very beautiful. I also have this chart and will be watching your stitching with great interest

Anne said...

Welcome Theresa!! Can't wait to watch MTW grow!! I love your little Nettie. She's adorable!