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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Friday, 14 February 2014

A Post for Marsha - A New Scottish Sampler

Is this fellow playing the bagpipes?

The sampler is unsigned apart from the usual myriad of family initials, and there are many different stitches used, including some amazing petit point, including the piper (unless someone can think of whatever else he might be doing). There is a very funky Adam and Eve in the lower reserve, an elaborate mansion house, peacocks, and a formidable amount of queen stitch.  I am anxious to chart it, but I must finish the 1707 German band and Parr before leaping onto this one.


Nicola said...

He certainly has someting strange in his hands. He also looks as if he has something in his mouth too.

Maybe some of our Scottish ladies may know what this is.

Lisa said...

Almost looks like a butter churn to me! ....or a musical instrument! Unraveling a mystery is so much fun! I love the colors.

KB said...

Have to agree with Lisa... my very first thought when I saw it was a butter churn... love the colors..looking forward to seeing a pic of the whole sampler

Elizabeth said...

Not sure what it is but I love him - he is just so cute!

Scarlet Letter said...

Dairy women did the churning. Men did the piping. I don't see a skirt, or a kilt. More input please.

queenstownsamplerdesigns said...

I have to go with a piper. Even though the bag looks a bit large.
The bag appears to be striped and a bit fancy to be a butter churn. Perhaps he is adjusting or cleaning his pipes.

Scarlet Letter said...

I quote this from my dear friend Maggie: "Lap dulcimers are more common today and usually played with fingers or a pick. However they also played bow dulcimers which look like an antique cello to me. They originated in the northern Europe. My maternal grandmother was from an Irish farming family and they had an old one with a bow, hand made of poplar. It was about the size of a cello, sat on the floor, had a long stiff bow and was shaped much like the one in the sampler.
-Maggie Klingenmeyer