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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Rachel Jarratt -Band 6 Continued

Not much progress as I have  been unable to stitch due to business committments.

I have been busy with a cottage refurbishment and pushing the tradesmen to finish the interior, then cleaning (several times) and finally furnishing and "dressing" the cottage. This afternoon we were awarded 5 stars.

Now I have to pray for dry weather and no frost for the exterior to be finished. Unfortunately we have rain, rain and more rain forecast !!!

I will try and include some photos of the cottage on my next progress post.

After a run of 13 hour working days I am looking forward to tomorrow with a morning craft session at WI hopefully followed by an afternoon of "me" time which bascially is stitching in the sun room overlooking the cove - BLISS.

Not forgetting to do the last monthly draw before the Grand Draw on February 20th. Who is going to win a Millennium Frame ?

I am off to bed now with a hot honey drink and my ipad to catch up with all the posts over the last few days.


Debbie Bauer said...

I see the frog prince came and left. Rachel is looking lovely. Have a great stitching day tomorrow Nicola!

Krista said...

Beautiful progress, Nicola! The colors are gorgeous! Enjoy a relaxing day tomorrow!

Vera said...

This is just so beautiful Nicola -- love the colors and your stitching is so perfect!!

Jenny said...

Your stitching is just exquisite as always Nicola. So glad the " Frog Prince" has gone away :) Enjoy your day tomorrow. I will look forward to seeing pictures of your cottage...they are all so lovely.

Lanie said...

Oh Nicola! Your 'Rachel' grows more and more beautiful and your stitching, as always, is perfect! Enjoy your stitching day!
We would love to see photos of your new cottage ... congratulations on your five stars ... Hope the weather starts to cooperate for the finishing work.

Bethany said...

So little time and so much to do. Your sampler is really lovely and now looks totally perfect ;)...... We had quiet a few posts last month, I will be curious to hear how many chit's were in the hat.......

Theresa said...

Enjoyed this post. I love it when someone writes they are going to have some 'stitching time' or 'me time'...those times are often few and so all the more treasured when they come!
Rachel J. is beautiful!

Cindy L said...

Nicola, Rachel is looking beautiful! Congratulations on the 5 star.