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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Sunday, 26 January 2014

Post on behalf of Bob from Winderwood Farm

I have been stitching for 35 years, my first attempt was the Shepherdess the Examplarery.  No one told me it was not a beginners kit.  I stitched the kit loving every minute of it... I was hooked! 

Since then I have a project going at all times, averaging two or three a year if they are big, small ones a couple three weeks. 

Stitching has become a addiction, so much so I taught myself to spin silk and wool to make floss.  Sorry to say I have not spun more than one project's worth because I want to stitch.   As I write this i can feel "itch" to start stitching again!

This past fall I spun flax to weave into a linen cloth to stitch on.  I am too busy trying to finish the WIP I have so I can start The Manifesto.  My goal is 6 months, 182 1/2 days, 1,300 stitches per day....as long as it continues to be fun!  If I find this is too daunting a task I will slow it up so it is fun.  Problem is my Scarlet Letter stash has 18 sitting in waitting along with others!   I cannot wait to start sharing my progress with others, and watch progress that will help me stay motivated.

Bob Winderwood Farm


Kevin said...

Welcome to group, Bob! Looking forward to seeing your Manifesto - or one of those 18 Scarlet Letter projects you have in your stash!
Pretty impressive that you spin your own fibers and weave your own linen! I am a floss hound and have collected a good amount of various brands and colors of fibers. I am sure your hand spun collection is quite beautiful. Will you stitch your Manifesto using your hand spun fibers?

Krista said...

Welcome to the group, Bob! Looking forward to seeing your Manifesto progress!

Nicola said...

A very warm welcome Bob, I am looking forward to stitching with you. Manifesto is a stunning sampler.

Bethany said...

Welcome Bob, what a wonderfu piece and such an ambious start. Happy to hear you got hooked and now the fun begins. Looking forward to your addtions to the group.

Vera said...

Welcome to the group Bob. Looking forward to seeing your Manifesto! Will you be using some of your own fibers?