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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Sunday, 26 January 2014

New Year Progress...

Hello Everyone!

It seems a few months have gone by since my last post.  I had a few distractions with making gifts for the holidays and then coming down with a terrible cold on Christmas that lasted almost a month!  Well, I have finally finished the Christmas gifts and finally feel better so I am now back with my SL WIPs!

I have a few in the works and hope to have some finishes before challenge end next month.

I went back to this Quaker pincushion design I had started, Love is the Road of Peace.  I had decided to stitch it on perforated paper and make it into an ornament!  Over the last few days I have done the bands with the blue stars and above.  I will fill in the cream color of the center band last since that is where I hold it to stitch.  I really love how it is turning out.

Love is the Road of Peace
I also did some Scarlet Letter shopping recently with the $60 gift certificate I won from Debbie!  Thanks again, Debbie!!  It gave me the chance to pick up some charts on my wish list!  The hardest part was choosing what to get...every time a new post was added to the blog my list kept changing!

Well, the package arrived with all these goodies!!!  I chose the Abigail Ann Fleming, Hannah Breed, and Ann Cottee after being inspired by Carol Sim's SamplerFarm walls!  The link to all her beautiful samplers is in the SL interview posted here.

And after seeing the gorgeous progress on AW 1662 by Wilma and Laura I could not resist!!  And the flowers on Ellenor Wykcs really called to me, especially after I saw the a photo of the original on pinterest here.

I think it will be a busy Scarlet Letter year!  Happy New Year and Happy Stitching!!  


Chris said...

The pinball is really lovely and what great new stash!!

Chris said...

The pinball is really lovely and what great new stash!!

Jenny said...

Your ornament is just beautiful Krista! I also love all of your sampler choices! Hannah Breed and AW 1662 are on my list to stitch someday soon also! Stay warm and enjoy your stitching time!

Nicola said...

A brilliant idea to make Love is an ornament. I love your stash additions especially Ellenor Wykcs which will be my next start.

I have fallen in love with her.

I had not noticed Abigail before. The SL site is like Mary Poppin's carpet bag.

Krista said...

I agree, Nicola, always something I did not see before! Ellenor is my new favorite also.

Bethany said...

Enjoy your time with all your SL's. I'll bet you stay busy for a little while anyway...... What great choices.

Vera said...

Beautiful ornament and a great idea to do that! and, love your new stash. Shopping at SL is such a traet, isn't it? And, yes, the SL site is just like Mary Poppin's bag - lol

Lanie said...

So happy to 'see' you again, Krista! Glad you are feeling better. Love the idea of making the pincushion into an ornament ... it is lovely!
And, oh my, what wonderful charts you have purchased. So funny how Nicola compared SL website to Mary Poppins' carpetbag ... it is so true!!!

PoundingSand said...

I stashed Ellenor as well - and that was my Pinterest board that had the original picture. I like to find pictures of the originals whenever possible.

Shall we have a mini stitch a long with her?


Cindy L said...

Krista, such a wonderful idea to stitch an ornament! You made some beautiful choices to add to your stash and I do look forward to your photos. We just need to find enough time to stitch them all.

Debbie Bauer said...

Your pinball is beautiful! Have fun with your new stash. I love your choices. Your going to busy!