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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Sunday, 5 January 2014

Hornbook Bestiary Progress

I've made some more progress on the Hornbook Bestiary.  As I mentioned last time, this block is a very special block.  I'm please to present Nicola's special block.  Let's have a look!

Progress as of 11/16/13

Progress as of 12/23/13

This picture is a pretty good representation of the true colors.  I love how all the blocks look so far.  Let's have a closer look at Nicola's block!

 There she is, "N is for Nightingale and Nicola."  Maybe we should call her Nicola Nightingale.

I reached an exciting point on the sampler where I had to roll out some more fabric for the next row of boxes.  I've found that stitching the whole row of boxes instead of block by block seems to work better for me.  Now I'm ready to stitch "O is for Owl."  He's a chubby little fella.

Thanks for letting me share today.  I hope you enjoyed seeing your special block, Nicola!  I've enjoyed watching everyone's progress and finishes too.

Until next time,

The Inspired Stitcher


The Inspired Stitcher said...


Jenny said...


Heritage Hall said...

Great work - Godspeed!

Lanie said...

Love it! ... Your stitching is beautiful!

Nicola said...

Thank you for the honour of naming this block after me. I am very touched. Your stitching is exquisite and excites me every time I see it.

Bethany said...

Lovely and a block after Nicola, sure very nice of you. Looking forward to O P Q R......

Vera said...

Oh this is so pretty. I have this in my stash...need to get it out!! Beautiful stitching.

Anonymous said...

I love this sampler. You are doing a great job with it.

Kielrain said...

I really enjoy watching the progress on this one. Great work!

Maria del Valle said...

So beautiful!
I enjoy looking your progress!!