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Monday, 13 January 2014

Finally Framed

This is a quick update on SDW and Red Rooster.

It has been a while, with both of these hanging on the back of my workroom door for.....well far too long. SDW and Russian Red Rooster are finally framed.

SDW was a bit of a problem as all the mouldings in my local framers were far too modern and I couldn't find anything that I liked anywhere else.  So I decided to search my local charity shops, junk shops and antique shops for a suitable frame.  My idea was that if I could find a suitable mirror, then I could replace the mirror and bingo.  Well bingo it was as the first shop I went into I found a frame....gold but that wasn't a problem. So duly painted with Annie Sloan Graphite Chalk paint, which (plug here) sticks to anything, and girls, needs pre-prep with sanding or priming and I am really happy with the result.  The picture doesn't really do it justice.

Russian Red Rooster was much easier.  My local framers sent me off to a local distributor I found the mould I wanted and she ordered.  Very pleased with both.
Russian Red Rooster
As most of the Scarlet Letter samplers I have planned are long and thin, there may not be many dress mirrors left in the area soon!


Krista said...

Beautiful framing, Michele! and great idea using the mirror frame!

Kevin said...

Beautiful finishes! That SDW is absolutely gorgeous. Very clever of you to think of using a mirror as your frame - it really turned out fantastic.

Vera said...


Cindy L said...

Beautiful framing! So creative to redo a mirror frame...love it!

Jenny said...

Beautiful job Michele! Both samplers look really amazing!

Bethany said...

Amazing samplers and I am always looking for older frames when going through thrift stores. Then you need to find the right size sampler..... Two lovely finishes.

Erica near Chicago said...

Two very nice finished. And what a wonderful idea for finding a frame.

Debbie Bauer said...

Both samplers are stunning!

Nicola said...

A delight and what a wonderful idea for sourcing antique frames.

donnacrafts said...

Outstanding. I love your craftiness in finding the right frame. You were so lucky to find this frame. Your work is just amazing. Enjoy!!