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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Sunday, 5 January 2014

A Post on Behalf of Terry N

Hello Everyone!

When I was 9 years old, I joined the local 4-H club and learned to "hem" a tea towel.  Although my leader pointed out that my stitching needed improvement, I felt that I had just stitched a masterpiece.  I wanted to stitch more!

Throughout the years I have learned embroidery, needlepoint, stamped cross stitch, but over the last 30+ years have settled on the *best* stitching for me:  cross stitch and counted thread embroidery.  

I am married with two daughters and two adorable grandsons.  I work full time as an accountant (ironic, huh?) and am treasurer of our local Western Reserve Sampler Guild.

I started Elizabeth Sheffield last year when I saw a picture of her on the internet. It wasn't until recently that I found your marvelous group. Your support of each other is exactly what I need to finish this beautiful sampler.

As you can see from the picture, I got a bit bogged down on the over-one portions, but I'm sure that if I commit to finishing her now that I've joined your group, I'll get through any barriers.



JoAnn said...

Terry: I also am a member of WRSG and enjoyed reading the history of your interest in embroidery. When the Guild meets, the members usually sit with close friends and it would be nice if they made an effort to sit with those they weren't as close so they could learn more about others and what their history is, just like you shared with Nicola's blog members.

Your Elizabeth Sheffield is lovely and I would like to stitch her, but I stitched Sarah Tuel, which is almost identical and I would rather stitch one that is a bit different. Please keep us posted with your progress on Elizabeth. JoAnn

Carmen Sutton said...

Your samper is looking lovely keep at the over one while time consuming and some times tedious it always adds to the finished piece. So glade you found the group it has been great inspiration for me.

Bethany said...

Welcome Terry,

I am JoAnn's daughter, also a member, but live in Florida. I know you are going to enjoy being a part of this wonderful stitching group. It is a great place to keep you on track, learn, enjoy and admire some great and talented stitchers. We look forward to your posts....

Cindy L said...

Welcome Terry!

I hope you are enjoying Elizabeth, she is looking beautiful. This is one of the first "new" samplers from SL that I stitched and love seeing others progress too. The over one goes slowly but you will be rewarded and proud of the results. I look forward to your photo updates.

Nicola said...

A very warm welcome Terry. I am looking forward to stitching with you.

Jenny said...

Welcome Terry! Your Elizabeth is looking beautiful. This is one of the very first SL samplers that I saw online and fell in love with...Ann Grimshaw being the first...and I know I will stitch her one day. I am so glad you have found our group. It has been so enjoyable to stitch with and share my love of samplers with this amazing group of stitchers. I have learned so much, made new friends and have found so many wonderful samplers to stitch! I look forward to stitching with you.

Joanne O'H said...

Welcome Terry. It was so interesting to read your history and your progress is wonderful. Please keep the photos coming!

Heritage Hall said...

Welcome Terry, you are in fine company. Marsha, Nicola and Jo
have set the standard for warmth and cooperation found here and I, for one, very much appreciate their leadership and the members
who so freely share their views and expertise (and the birthday cakes are stunning)

Lanie said...

Terry, your 'Elizabeth' is lovely ... she is a beautiful sampler!
The SLY stitchers are an amazing group ... I know you will find much encouragement, inspiration, and friendship here ... welcome!

Vera said...

Welcome to the group Terry. Your stitching is beautiful...such a lovely sampler. Please do keep us posted on your progress.