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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Thursday, 9 January 2014

A New Start for the New Year

I was lucky enough to win one of the Advent Calendar Draws in December.  My name was chosen for Elizabeth Burrows, a nice small sampler with some alphabets and a variety of stitched borders.

Here is a link to Mindi's Finish in the Gallery - Elizabeth Burrows

I also received Janet Carsels as a Christmas present from Nicola who then asked me if I would like her to send me the fabric for both girls.  One of her favourite fabric is 35count Floba Linen so she sent me enough to stitch both designs and then some!  It is a lovely buttery cream colour.

Now, Janet came with silks but Elizabeth did not.  There are no numbered suggestions on the chart either, simply red, green etc.  While looking through my threads I remembered some Olde Willow Linen threads I won in a giveaway a while back.  I grabbed the bag and found a red, a yellow, a blue, a green, a dark grey and a darker blue.  The first four are perfect for Elizabeth!  She is charted as having pale pink but I think the yellow will have the same effect.

The threads feel very "period" as they are linen rather than silks, they also have a very slight variation in colour which gives a nice effect too.

I am absolutely convinced I can stitch this and finish it before the deadline of 20th February!  I have to have one finish in the official challenge year!

While reading the chart information about Elizabeth herself I noticed that although she stitched the sampler in 1725 she also includes her year of birth 1709 but rather than use all four digits she uses 179 as that was how the year was pronounced then (Seventeen Nine, rather than Seventeen Oh Nine).  Now anyone who has my email address may recognise those numbers, they are my date of birth which I incorporated into my email addy!!  So it seems most serendipitous that this sampler chose to come to me to stitch her!

Finally, can anyone tell me why there appear to be two letter As at the beginning of the alphabet?


Krista said...

You can do it, Jo! I don't know why there are two A's but I like the Q in the 4th line. I hope I can finish something so I have at least one finish by 2/20 too!

Lanie said...

So happy you started the sweet 'Elizabeth Burrows' ... I will be following your progress with great interest! I tried stitching her over the holidays but was not satisfied with my efforts ... maybe the linen choice, maybe the color choices ... I don't know! I've put her aside for the time but would love to get back to her!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The Q looks like a little scorpion to me!!

Mei said...

I would be interested in the answer also. I just did a sampler with two each, S, T, X and no J.

Jenny said...

Elizabeth is such a sweet sampler...it will be fun to watch your progress. I love the color choices of threads. I too think the yellow will look lovely. Yes you can finish her before the 20th of February....my son's favorite book when he was little was The Little Engine that Could....he would walk around the house "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...I know I could" winks...Happy Stitching!

Bethany said...

Wow, how nice of Nicola and what a great sampler to try and finish during the deadline. We KNOW YOU CAN......WE KNOW YOU CAN. Good luck and Happy Stitching. Sorry, can't answer the "A"?

Cindy L said...

Jo, your colors of threads are a beautiful choice! We are all cheering for you to complete this sampler. Good question about the double A , I hope someone knows the answer, I've wondered about that too.