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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Friday, 31 January 2014

Almost a Finish

The eyelets are all stitched (thankfully) and the whitework section in 3026 for the diamonds, 3024 for the zigzag and 2235 for the foursided stitch.

That completes the official Rachel other than her name which I am not stitching. I am now adding another section of my own.

We have had dreadful weather today and it was a battle to even walk outside against the force of the wind. Our gutterings could not cope with the water coming off the rooves. Apparently there is worse to come. I cannot wait for Spring.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

S. Wood is Finished!

She is a very pretty little thing. Don't you think?

S. Wood - The Scarlet Letter
Au ver a soie on 32 count tea-dyed linen
I had fun stitching this one!
Not sure what my next sampler will be. I have several in my stash that I am considering.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Mary Poppins Carpet Bag Strikes Again !!!

Click the photo to enlarge and see the speciality stitching. The emboridery over the stitching on the tree trunk is breathtaking

I just had to share with you this stunning sampler that I came across when looking at some photos for the for the gallery. 

Now why didn't I notice Elizabeth Hoover before ?

Seeing work like this just makes me want to stitch, stitch, stitch !!!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

An Invitation - Ellenor Wykcs a 17th century band sampler

I have fallen in love with band samplers after seeing Tommye, Nupur, Barbara H & G, Bhooma and Kate stitching theirs.

I have been apprehensive about some of the speciality stitches they require but I realise that with the knowledge we have in the group their is always someone who is able to help.

Would you like to stitch a band sampler?

Ellenor Wykcs is a great one to start with (no trellis or detached buttonhole) - enlarge this photo and see just how beautiful she is.  The stitches used are cross, double running, counted satin and Montenegrin cross. For me I worry about turning in curves not corners on Monetenegrin but I have decided to put my big girl's blouse on with my Proper Stitch page (23 to 29 bookmarked) to hand and stitch this stunning sampler.

Kate and Krista are stitching with me and we would like to invite you to join us. 

Ellenor is stitched on 35 ct and measures 7.5" x 29" and will be a great addition to your sampler wall.

I will post close up photos of each section as I stitch them. 

Will you join us?

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Rachel Jarratt - Band 8

Saturday is my day for stitching on a SAL project with a group of friends and although I put Rachel away on Friday night when I sat to stitch on Saturday evening I could not resist putting her back on the stand.

I enjoyed the evening session so much listening to an audio book as I worked that when I looked at the clock it was 2.00am !!

I have been naughty and gone onto Band 8 before finishing Band 7 (there are such a lot of eyelets to stitch) but I fully intend to complete the left hand section before starting on the final band of whitework. I have played around with the colours so they are slightly different to those charted.

I have to make a decision on the colour of the whitework Band. I am not taken with the pink of the original. At the moment the colours calling to me are AVAS 2235 (Gold) or 3026 (Dark Rose).

What would you go with? 

Dorothy Walpole update

I've finally pulled Dorothy out for some TLC and have made a bit of progress.

I'm hoping to finish the big pink flower in the middle of this row and finish the border yet this weekend.

New Year Progress...

Hello Everyone!

It seems a few months have gone by since my last post.  I had a few distractions with making gifts for the holidays and then coming down with a terrible cold on Christmas that lasted almost a month!  Well, I have finally finished the Christmas gifts and finally feel better so I am now back with my SL WIPs!

I have a few in the works and hope to have some finishes before challenge end next month.

I went back to this Quaker pincushion design I had started, Love is the Road of Peace.  I had decided to stitch it on perforated paper and make it into an ornament!  Over the last few days I have done the bands with the blue stars and above.  I will fill in the cream color of the center band last since that is where I hold it to stitch.  I really love how it is turning out.

Love is the Road of Peace
I also did some Scarlet Letter shopping recently with the $60 gift certificate I won from Debbie!  Thanks again, Debbie!!  It gave me the chance to pick up some charts on my wish list!  The hardest part was choosing what to get...every time a new post was added to the blog my list kept changing!

Well, the package arrived with all these goodies!!!  I chose the Abigail Ann Fleming, Hannah Breed, and Ann Cottee after being inspired by Carol Sim's SamplerFarm walls!  The link to all her beautiful samplers is in the SL interview posted here.

And after seeing the gorgeous progress on AW 1662 by Wilma and Laura I could not resist!!  And the flowers on Ellenor Wykcs really called to me, especially after I saw the a photo of the original on pinterest here.

I think it will be a busy Scarlet Letter year!  Happy New Year and Happy Stitching!!  

Post on behalf of Bob from Winderwood Farm

I have been stitching for 35 years, my first attempt was the Shepherdess the Examplarery.  No one told me it was not a beginners kit.  I stitched the kit loving every minute of it... I was hooked! 

Since then I have a project going at all times, averaging two or three a year if they are big, small ones a couple three weeks. 

Stitching has become a addiction, so much so I taught myself to spin silk and wool to make floss.  Sorry to say I have not spun more than one project's worth because I want to stitch.   As I write this i can feel "itch" to start stitching again!

This past fall I spun flax to weave into a linen cloth to stitch on.  I am too busy trying to finish the WIP I have so I can start The Manifesto.  My goal is 6 months, 182 1/2 days, 1,300 stitches per day....as long as it continues to be fun!  If I find this is too daunting a task I will slow it up so it is fun.  Problem is my Scarlet Letter stash has 18 sitting in waitting along with others!   I cannot wait to start sharing my progress with others, and watch progress that will help me stay motivated.

Bob Winderwood Farm

Friday, 24 January 2014

Post for Barbara H - EK 1653 Finished

I am so happy to have finished my EK 1653.   


The colors are fabulous.  I must confess that I was getting a little tired of working all that satin stitch.

It was an over-all easy sampler that I could work on between QSD projects and keep me sane.   


When my 6 year old Grand Kate visited last, she saw EK on the frame and honest to goodness – her jaw dropped. 

She told me in a whisper, that it was the most beautiful  sampler in the world.

Good thing she likes it, I was making it for her to have one day.


Thank you everyone for  the delight you bring my way every day.




Rachel Jarratt - another milestone

When working a sampler I like to break them up in my mind and have goals to work towards. 

I have now hit another goal - the centre panel of band 7. This was a fun one. I adore the two little dogs. I gave them collars and french knots for eyes. The background in stem stitch went very quickly, it is soothing to let your mind drift as you ply your needle back and forth.

I do not think that there will be any therapitic value in the next section - solid Queen stitches !!! I have decided to replace them with Algerian eyelets which I am particularly fond of.

I`m a little sad...

I have not contributed to this blog as I should have. I love my samplers, and am still stitching on SL ones sometimes, but I think I am too fickle a stitcher to stick with any one sampler for long. I also have a lot of other WIPs I need to get finished, and it makes me feel guilty if I devote time to one of them instead of a SL sampler when I know I should be working on one to post about here, so I have decided to leave the group so another stitcher can have my place. I will still be reading here and admiring all your lovely work and cheering you on from the side lines!

Post on behalf of Marsha - A New Sampler Memento Mori

 My finish is framed.  Lynn's in Madison, WI, framed it.  Photo #1 shows it in its entirety.  The following two photos are executed in queen stitch.  

The majority is cross stitch and eyelet, some bargello, and a bit of over ones in the verse.  The chart will be printed in color.

Tank came into the last photo.  He seems to like the new design, but that might have more to do with the ceramic heater next to my chair than the new design.

I wish that I could contribute more but the Merry Wind farm girl was correct: bitter cold makes for a huge amount of  additional work to keep the farm animals comfortable and healthy.  They require extra feed, the water must be kept open, they need warm barns where they can huddle, and then there is the mucking-out which practically freezes upon contact with this frigid air.

The German sampler from 1707 is coming along slowly.  It's time to load more firewood into the furnace here.

Love to all,

Thursday, 23 January 2014


Here is the current picture of Manifesto.  It probably isn't that different from the last post, the holidays and all the bitter cold weather have created a lot of extra barn work.  Melinda

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Rachel Jarratt - Band 7 & clam shells

Before I finish up for the evening I wanted to share with you the clam shell part of this band. It is so pretty and the colours !!!

The chart gives the option of stitching the shells over 1 or 2 and I chose the latter.

I am not too sure about the last bit of work on the centre flower. I think that I may be unpicking a small area that is not sitting well but will decide tomorrow when I have fresh eyes.

Nightie night - N x

Two New Starts and a Snow Day

Hi All,


Well, the snow, wind and frigid temps arrived all at once yesterday.  The result?  A snow day today!!  My office is closed, so I am staying in (and letting my husband clear off the driveway, cars, etc.  I’ve managed to do a little stitching and some long-avoided chores…soon it will be nap timeJ.


I’m still having difficulty uploading pictures to the blog, but if I type everything in word and add the pictures, I am able to copy it all into a post.  Not sure what is going on, just more interested in finding a way around the “issues” I seem to be having.


After finishing “A Parrot, A Leopard, A Lion” I started not one but two new samplers.  The first is Elizabeth Mitchell which I am stitching on 40 count Wood Smoke Linen using AVAS (one strand over two threads).  It is difficult to photograph due to all the wrinkles – lol – as well as the pale green color (which is lovely) does not show up very well.  Here is an overall shot and also a close-up.  I am loving the silks!!


This is actually the left hand border (unable to rotate the photo).

Next up is N. Hinde – so very, very tiny.  I love it!  I am using one strand of Crescent Colours (Red Licorice) over one thread of 40 count linen.  Surprisingly, I am finding this one easier to work on than Elizabeth Mitchell (even though it is over one thread)…I think my eyes just have a difficult time with dark linen.

I think this will go pretty quickly.  One problem I hadn’t realized is that there is a “slub” in the fabric just below the H…my stitches on the next line may get a little distorted at that point, but hopefully I will be able to work through it.


Finally here is a picture I took this morning of our picnic table by our apple tree.  Tyg has been enjoying going out and even rolling in the snow (!!!), but he doesn’t stay out long with temps hovering right around zero.

Hope everyone is enjoying a great week with plenty of stitching time.