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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Friday, 29 November 2013

Scarlet Letter Day in Ohio

Ok, this is kind of silly, but I wanted to tell you that the governor of Ohio has declared tomorrow (Saturday) as Scarlet Letter Day!  But not for the reason you are thinking, but because it is the arch-rival college football game between Ohio State and Michigan.  Ohio State's colors are scarlet and gray :)  I prefer to think of "our" Scarlet Letter.


Krista said...

How neat! We all should work on our Scarlet Letter projects tomorrow! (like we need a reason, lol!) Thanks for sharing, Melinda!

Lanie said...

Thanks for sharing Melinda but how dare they 'high jack' our SL! :)
And that's a great idea, Krista! My family is still celebrating Thankagiving today but I'm going to put in a least a few stitches in honor of all my SL stitching buddies!

Brenda in WI said...

Me too. I will be stitching on Hannah Carter today and tomorrow in honor of The Scarlet Letter. Thanks for the interesting info Melinda

Marsha said...

I'm in Loveland,Ohio and didn't hear that!