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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Grace Catlin,1719 almost finished! Dorcas Haynes 1720, A New Start

It's been a very long time I last posted!  But, I have been busy stitching on three SL samplers, taking turns with each of them.  That way, I don't get bored.  I tend to get bored if I stitch on the same thing all the time.  In July I won the monthly drawing.  I was so excited, as I never win anything!  I chose Dorcas Haynes with a beautiful linen and of course the exquisite AVAS silk threads.  I was going to take a picture like all of you do with chart, linen and silks, but I couldn't wait.  I had told myself I wouldn't start Dorcas until I finished Grace Catlin, but like I just said, I couldn't wait.  So, last week I started stitching her.  She is going to be just as beautiful as Grace.  They must have had the same teacher or something, because many of the bands are almost identical and the silks used are also almost identical, or very similar.  They are both English band samplers and stitched only one year apart.  Grace stitched hers in 1720 and Dorcas, hers in 1720.  I would love to know more about these two samplers.  If anyone has any information, I would love to know.

Grace is almost done.  I made a mistake and did the Satin a Stitch in the grape band, but will have to take it out and restitch it at the end.  The Eyelet verse is almost finished.  I need to SS the bottom band and fill in the grape band with a Fishbone a Stitch, which I have found very challenging on the diagonal portions.  I'm still trying though.  Below are two pictures of Grace Catlin and My gift, Dorcas Haynes 1720,

Sorry, I'm not very good at publishing this blog.  Maybe next time!

Grace Catlin 1719 Almost finished!

Dorcas Haynes 1720 New Start



Chris said...

Gorgeous stitching. You are going to have a beautiful sampler wall when these are done!

Jenny said...

Grace Catlin is one of my favorite samplers from SL so I have loved seeing your pictures. You are stitching her beautifully. I never realized that Dorcas Haynes was so similar....that was a great piece of info! I agree with Chris....your sampler walls will be beautiful with these two!

Carol said...

Love both of these samplers! I started Grace eons ago and got a bit bogged down after the first eyelet verse, then was able to take Darlene's class for Dorcas - so all the bands have been started, but that was almost eons ago too. Darlene brought up the similarity of the two samplers but had no history either...so I'm another person who would love to know more.