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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A post of behalf of Julie C

Small Start...of a …Grand Design
They say it is better to be late than never show up.  So here I am.  Late!  I have no illusions.  It is highly unlikely I will finish in this year of the Scarlett Letter.  But I don’t care.  This group is great inspiration for me to work diligently and shoot for completion.  Period.
This is my first Scarlett Letter.  I have numerous patterns I would love to do.  But I thought I would make a modest beginning with M. Quertier.  I’ve seen others have also enjoyed this pattern.  I’m using white New Castle Linen (40 ct) stitching over 2.  The thread I’m using is not one that is widely used, at least not by mainstream embroiders.  It is a maroon silk that is made in Varanasi, India.  I was introduced to this incredibly lovely silk when I took a course with Leslie Rinchen -Wongmo on creating Tibetan Thangkas.  This silk is manufactured specifically for the creation of Tibetan Thangkas.  This thread has a beautiful sheen to it and feels, well, soooo silky!  I’ve got to contact Leslie to see if she’ll sell it to me for embroidery not related to thangkas.  And if she’s willing to sell it to others.  I would love to get a few spools for my blackwork work.
Here is a pic of my work so far.

And here is a pic of the thread, next to my box of Thread Heaven thread conditioner and my Gingher embroidery scissors to show the size of the spool.  It’s humongous!  Note the gorgeous sheen.  The slubs are not really an issue in the stitching.

It may be a bit of time before I make another report as I have, like most you I’m sure, many works in the revolving working queue.  And with this project, I keep adding to the lineup!
Until then, happy stitching!


Krista said...

A beautiful start, Julie! The silk looks gorgeous. I cannot believe the size of that spool, WOW!

Krista said...

..and welcome to the Scarlet Letter Year blog!

Erica near Chicago said...

Welcome. You've made a good start. And my oh my ... Leslie's work is very intriguing.

Debbie Bauer said...

Your start is lovely. The silk and its color you are using is stunning.Leslie Rinchen -Wongmo's work takes my breathe away.

Lanie said...

Welcome to the fun, Julie! Your stitching is beautiful ... lovely color you are using! I know I will enjoy following your progress.

Heritage Hall said...

That Quertier will be striking when
completed...the color so intense.
One would not working with one color throughout when it is so appealing. Onward & upward!

Heritage Hall said...

one would not "mind" working with
one color, etc.
Sorry about the omission,

Tinka said...

A beautiful start! And beautiful thread! Please do let us know if they are willing to sell the spools individually.

queenstownsamplerdesigns said...

Beautiful work. Great start.
I look forward to watching your progress.

Nicola said...

A very war welcome to the group. I have enjoyed reading your post and have learnt from it.

Looking forward to seeing more progress.

Pamela said...

I love Quaker samplers...and red! The silk color just glows and must be wonderful to stitch with. Looking forward to your progress, Julie!