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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Saturday, 14 September 2013

Margaret Randolph and Seventeen Sailors.

I have started Margaret Randolph - the colours are lovely and I am going to so enjoy stitching her.

Seventeen Sailors is my other WIP. Seventeen Sailors tends to come with me when I am travelling as the linen is darker - I wouldn't dare take Margaret on my travels as she is on white linen.

I am really disappointed that Elizabeth Mitchell isn't back from the framers yet. I took her in three weeks ago and was told it would be a week to ten days before she would be ready. I phoned the framer yesterday to voice my displeasure and the framer is going to deliver it to my home on Monday evening. I am so looking forward to having her hanging in the dining room.


Jenny said...

Your work on both samplers is lovely Elizabeth. I too especially love Margaret Randolph and her colors! I have put a few stitches into her....but have had a few other projects at hand. There is nothing like seeing your sampler framed and hanging in your home! I still love to look at mine and some have been hanging for awhile...but I can truly say that a sampler brings me joy both during the process of creating her and then enjoying the finished product. Please share a picture when she is framed so we all admire her!

Anne said...

Lovely progress on both samplers. Margaret Randolph is so lovely. I adore those blue birds!

Bethany said...

We all get impatient when waiting for our samplers to come home, ready to hang. Monday will be here before you know at and we'll look forward to seeing her framed.

Chris said...

So nice to see another Margaret Randolph being stitched. Don't you love the colors!
Your other sampler is looking great too.
I hope that the framers call your soon!
Hugs :)