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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Sunday, 15 September 2013

Hannah's Nearly Finished!

Hello everyone!

It has been quite some time since I have done an update on my Hannah progress.  Summer was amazing yet too short as always.  Now that I am in school mode, I have little time to stitch.  I hope to laze around tomorrow and push myself to finish all of Hannah's blooms.  Then it will be the last few motifs and that 1 over 1 stitching I always put off! I have been looking at everyone's projects and they are all so beautiful.  I have been tempted more than once, well okay, a few 100 times, to buy more samplers.  But I resisted!! Truly I cannot manage to stitch everything in the world...right?! I must focus and get one done at a time.  So onto pictures of Hannah. Pardon the wrinkles!

Take care everyone and happy stitching from me and Titus!!


Jenny said...

Hooray Anne.....Hannah is almost finished and she is beautiful.

Bethany said...

Titus, thank you for your warm and fuzzy wishes. Your mom chose a lovely sampler and it won't be long until it is finished and she'll spend a little more time. My Cindy always let's me know when I am stitching too much.... Funny how they are...

Lanie said...

Almost there Anne. "Hannah" looks lovely! Her border is one if my favorites. Looking forward to your "finish" post!

Melissa said...

Ann, you're almost there! I love the colours in this sampler. Those flowers along the border are just gorgeous.

Hugs to Titus!

queenstownsamplerdesigns said...

Hannah is gorgeous and pretty soon we will be congratulating you on a fabulous finish!

Nicola said...

Titus is such a cutie as is Hannah. Thank you for sharing.

Next update a finish ?