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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Monday, 30 September 2013

Rebecca Cullin

 I know that I have been a bit quiet lately, but I had a couple of other samplers that I wanted to finish that aren't Scarlet Letter Samplers.  I have finished one and working on the other one at the moment.

I thought that you might like to see Rebecca Cullin, now that I have framed her.  I think that she looks quite amazing.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Ann Thompson and Eliza Tagg are available for pre-order

I have just pre-ordered Ann Thompson and Eliza Tagg - both are due out in November. If you live in the USA and pre-order now there are no shipping charges.

Friday, 27 September 2013

We Have two Winners

Here is Elizabeth (on the left),Lynn and Carolyn making the draw in the cottage By The Seashore.

The first name out of the hat was Nupur who wins Elizabeth's $60 gift certificate for the Scarlet Letter.

The second name drawn was Vera who wins a year's subscription to SANQ (to start at a date of your choice no later than September 2014).

Well done ladies and thank you to Elizabeth for her generosity.

The next monthly draw will be back on the usual 15th of the month so get posting your progress to enter the draw. The 15th will be here before we know it.

The first name drawn can select a Scarlet Letter Chart of their choice and full yard of linen from Scarlet Letter's wonderful selection subject to availability.

The second  name drawn in October can select a Scarlet Letter chart of their choice. This prize has generously been sponsored by  Krista of Just Stitching Along. Thank you Krista for your sponsorship in your birthday month.

Lydia Hart - This is amazing !!

Barbara G has sent me this picture of her Lydia Hart which she finished before Our Scarlet Letter Years (I am trying out the possible new name for our group :o)) started.

Isn't she absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Blow the photo up and study her.

Thank you Barbara for sharing this with us. I hope one day to have the skill to stitch Lydia and in anticipation I have placed an order for her today. In the meantime I can have the joy of studying the chart.

Jo is currently working on setting up the framework for a retrospective gallery of Scarlet Letter Samplers and we very much hope that everyone will contribute. More information will follow shortly but maybe you could start photographing any SL samplers that you have stitched and start sending them to me. 

Wouldn't it be amazing if we could gather between us each and every sampler that Marsha has ever charted.  Now there's a challenge for us.



Wishing you a wonderful birthday from all of us

Thursday, 26 September 2013

GSD 1684

I've been a bad poster here. It's because I've been working on a non-SL project that I need to get done, so my SL stitching has suffered. I've still not finished Hannah Bennett, but I did make a tiny start on a Dutch sampler. This is one of my favorite styles of sampler, the others being Spanish, Mexican and Pennsylvania Dutch.

You can see the original here.  And this is my start.

Sorry for the un-ironed, over-exposed picture, complete with cat hairs.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A New Start and A Giveaway

Marsha has such an amazing portfolio of charted samplers that it is so hard to choose a project. After much dithering here is my new start.

If you can guess which sampler it is email me (nicola.parkman@gmail.com) for a chance to win the chart of the gorgeous Elizabeth Short.

Talking of Marsha's portfolio - I had the time to look at my antique sampler purchase with a view to stitching it for myself. The colours are still vibrant and the condition good but my mind still boggled at what is required to replicate it.

I take my hat off to Marsha for her talent in giving us these beautiful samplers to stitch.

Getting there.

I finally feel I am getting somewhere with The Tablet. Fill in the right side and a few

commandments, then I am done.
Nicola's variation using this sampler is truly amazing. What vision she has.

I am starting to get itchy fingers and I am starting to dream of Sophia's Sampler. I feel a dose of willpower is required.  But I will be strong.

Keep up all the fantastic work. Every morning I start my day with a coffee and an update on this blog.  I love it. Cheers, Margot.

Oops. Not sure where my pic went, but here she is now.

Winners of my Birthday Givewaway

Nicola hosted a double Giveaway to celebrate my Birthday.  There were two charts up for grabs; Joanna Warren and the Manifesto.  Joanna was ever so slightly more popular!  But mostly because several people are already stitched Manifesto.

I had a lovely Birthday, plenty of computer time and stitching time too while the boys were at school.  We had a chocolate cake for tea and I received more than one box of chocolates as presents!  I treated myself to some stitching stash and some of my blogging friends sent presents too.  You can see the photos on my own blog here - Birthday Review.

One gift I did not show on that post because I wanted the Scarlet Letterers to be the first to see it was this gorgeous present from Nicola:

Isn't it just the most beautiful sewing box ever?  I'm keeping my special silks and perle in it at the moment.  Nicola sent me some silks too.  I do have a little decision to make now.  The two apetures are designed to have a stitched piece mounted in them.  Each is just under 4 x 6 inches so I need two complimentary pieces that size or one piece 8 x 6 that I could stitch in two parts.  Any ideas from the Scarlet Letter catalogue?

Laura won one of these boxes in the June draw here, I hope she loves hers as much as I love mine!

In that post Nicola shared pictures of how she does the monthly draw.  She uses cut up pieces of paper, some people use random number generators, some say "pick a number" to whoever is passing, some roll dice.  I use playing cards.  If there are up to 13 people in the draw I use all of one suit and choose one card at random.  More than 13, add a suit upto 53 people (someone gets to be the Joker!).

So for the Manifesto draw I shuffled some Spades and chose

I then added some more Spades and some Diamonds for my namesake Joanna Warren and chose

Congratulations to both the winners.  Please contact Nicola with your postal addresses and she will arrange to have the charts sent to you.

I'm sure most of you are now aware we will be continuing with the blogs after February 2014 and for the foreseeable future too.  This has been the most amazing year for everyone involved.  So many new friendships, so much new stash, so many designs added to our "Must Stitch" lists.  It only leaves me to say

Thank You and see you all still here in 2016 for MY Scarlet Letter year for MY 50th Birthday!

I might just about finish my sampler by then... 

Monday, 23 September 2013


I made some good progress over the weekend on Sarah.

Here is how she is looking now.

Just about finished going down the left side.

A Finish

"The Tableau" was stitched with AVAS on 36ct. The border has been taken from The Tablet and the pictorial scene from The Shepherd and Shepherdess with Jacob Sheep (with many amendments).

The verse is not original but has been tweaked slightly.

I have incorporated Poppy and Blue and the cove where I live. I had originally stitched another sheep but removed it as the scene looked too crowded when I added Poppy. Cupid has been stitched blind as Ray and I turn a blind eye to each other's faults. I also used treasure braid to stitch the flame of love as ours burns strong and bright.

I incorporated two hares prominently into the sampler as they can represent immortality and the gods of love. I hope that our love will be there for eternity.

A third has been stitched as a "shadow" as our love for each other is always there for us in the background of our daily life together.

What next - always the hardest part of stitching from Marsha's wonderful sampler portfolio.

I am having problems with my ipad and blog press so am emailing photos to the PC, they then blur but if you click the photo it should open and give a better view.

A Question ?

Now this may seem a silly question but if I can't ask my stitching pin pals who can I ask?

On 36 or 40ct when stitching a full stitch over one the d'Alger AVAS looks "crammed" in.

Would changing to AVAS d'Paris, which is a finer thread just for the over one, look right ?

Other than switching to tent stitch do you have any suggestions for achieving a stitch which sits evenly in the space?

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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Progress Post

 I do have a little more progress to share on Ann Grimshaw, which I've focused on almost exclusively since my last posting. Here she is:

Ann is only about half finished, and I've already gone through more than two skeins of the Finnegan's Fog. I do still have quite a bit of the darker dye lot on hand, but the lighter one is getting smaller and smaller.


Friday, 20 September 2013

A Finish - Margaret Mason from the needle of Barbara G

Margaret Mason stitched on 36ct Lambswool Linen with silk threads.

Here is another finish of mine.  It also lived at the framers for a while.  I had fun choosing the frame, looked at brown, blue, silver and red.  As you can see the red won out.  There is so much red in the piece that I could not resist.  I don’t have a special place for it and I have to admit it is not one of my favorites but the red frame made it more enjoyable.  I like to get all my pieces framed and not rolled up in a drawer and some day there will be a perfect spot for it I am sure. 

Barbara G. 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

A Winner

Have you looked at the book selection that Marsha has on The Scarlet Letter website?

There are some very interesting books and what is more there is a sale on at the moment !! Check it out HERE there are certainly some bargains.

Anyway I digress let's get back to the winner of the " Historical Patterns For Counted Thread Embroidery" - Architecture from early Samplers.

CONGRATULATIONS to  Gentility of Heritage Hall. Please can you let me have your postal address.

This is a fantastic book which I am sure you will get much pleasure and use from.

Thank you Marsha for your kindness in donating this prize.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Hip Hip Hooray - it's Jo's birthday today


Wishing you a wonderful birthday from all of us on the 1000th post on blog 1 !!!!!!!!

Huge thanks for all that you do to make this blog possibe.

what I did

My name was drawn last month in one of the giveaways. I chose to get a gift card for Scarlet Letter. After all, this blog has grown my wish list so much.

I got a chart that I have been eyeing for years.

Yes, Ann Medd. I have no clue when I will start this. Or get the fabric, or the threads... but I now have the chart. :) This makes me happy!


Elizabeth Mitchell - framed

I now have Elizabeth Mitchell hanging in the dining room. The framer was as good as his work and delivered the things I had in for framing at 4pm this afternoon. I am so pleased with her.

Grace Catlin -1719 -WIP

It's been over a month since I last posted!  I needed to do some stitching on another sampler of Theresa Baird, of Heart's Ease Examplar Workes, A Maryland Inspiration.  I thought it was about time I posted my progress on my favorite of all samplers, Grace Catlin.  As you can see, I am getting close to finishing her.  I have been very frustrated with the Fishbone Stitch!  I have shown a closeup of it.  If anyone has any suggestions for me, I'm open.  Getting around the corners is very difficult!  I've tried to do my best.  All that's really left is the last verse and SS and Fishbone Stitch on bottom band! Kay Lynn.  
                                                  Last band -needs SS & Fishbone Stitch
                                                  Closeup so SS. & blue Fishbone Stitch

Dorothy Progress 8

Hooray, I finally finished the Bargello Band! Love this band and the silky feel is so nice to touch! I just started on the next flower band. The flowers are gorgeous and they are what attract me most to this sampler! Here are my progress pictures...

Really love this Bargello band!

Enjoy seeing all the progresses and finishes here. All the samplers are so beautiful! Wish I could stitch much faster so that I can start on new projects ha ha!


Sunday, 15 September 2013

A Post on behalf of Barbara G - Mary Hurst a finish

Back in June Barbara finished Mary Hurst but at the time didn't have any photos.  

Barbara told the farmer she wasn't in a rush and has only now got this stunning sampler back.

Isn't she a beauty. Barbara's stitching is exquisite.

Day One, Huswif Panel

I said I wanted something smaller than Ann Scutt for my next project, and apparently I picked something that was waaaaaaaaaaaaay smaller.

Here's my start on The Huswif Panel:

Tent stitch.

Over one.

On 40 count linen.

This is going to be my strand-a-day project for awhile, since that's about all the cyborg eyes can handle, even with additional lighting and strong magnification.

Ann Wimp 1819 - a new start

Hello to everyone!

After some break I am back here with a new start - Ann Wimp sampler. There is no much to show at the moment, just started yesterday. This will be a bit of the challenge because all sampler has to be stitched in crosses over one.
I will use DMC threads (and probably some The Gentle Art here and there) and off white fabric ( 32ct I think) that I took out from some Permin of Copenhagen sampler kit :)

Happy stitching!

Hannah's Nearly Finished!

Hello everyone!

It has been quite some time since I have done an update on my Hannah progress.  Summer was amazing yet too short as always.  Now that I am in school mode, I have little time to stitch.  I hope to laze around tomorrow and push myself to finish all of Hannah's blooms.  Then it will be the last few motifs and that 1 over 1 stitching I always put off! I have been looking at everyone's projects and they are all so beautiful.  I have been tempted more than once, well okay, a few 100 times, to buy more samplers.  But I resisted!! Truly I cannot manage to stitch everything in the world...right?! I must focus and get one done at a time.  So onto pictures of Hannah. Pardon the wrinkles!

Take care everyone and happy stitching from me and Titus!!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

A Colorful SDW

Hi Everyone!

Here I am still going strong on SDW!
I am in the bottom 4th of the design and decided to work down the right and fill in the colorful alphabets.  Lots of thread changes, but the effect was worth it!

SDW Sampler

I have left the bottom row of the alpha off, as I plan to put my initials and the year of completion in there.... I hope it will be 2013 but I will not jinx myself and stitch it just yet!

I have been so amazed by all the wonderful finishes here on the SL blogs, how incredible... over 100!  I hope to join the group of finishers soon too!  

Happy Stitching to you All! xxxx

Double Giveaway to Celebrate

On Tuesday the 17th we are celebrating a stitcher's birthday who is very dear to me.

Can we guess who it is?

She cannot think of a better name but I can think of a few




It was a very serendipitous moment when we got together last year.

I have two brand new un-opened charts to giveaway that I thought very apt to celebrate the 17th.

Manifesto as it is as magnificent as the kindness this stitcher is full of. It depicts a very busy family scene and I know that this stitcher has a very busy family life too and it is amazing where she finds the time to do all that she does.

The other chart is her namesake and is a beauty.

Just leave a comment on this email if you would like to be entered into the giveaway, please specify which of the two charts you would like.

On a side note the draw for this month takes place on the evening of the 27th as Elizabeth who celebrates her 60th birthday on that day will be with me and will make the draw. Elizabeth has kindly donated a $60 dollar gift certificate for SL and there is also a year's subscription of SANQ to be won. Make sure you post your progress to have entries into the draw.

Elizabeth Sheffied charting question

Hey ladies!  I'm happily stitching away on Elizabeth Sheffield.  I'm so happy with how it's coming along, although lately I haven't had near the stitching time I was hoping to have.

I have come across a charting ommission.  While stitching the branch the large green bird at the top is sitting on I noticed that it does not match the original design.  The branch under the "parrot's" feet and to the left of it is missing in the chart.  I looked at the ES's that have been stitched here, and on Blog Two, and notice that none of you have stitched that portion either.

I wrote Scarlet Letter 2-3 weeks ago about the ommission but have not received any response back.  I'm hoping someone here has stitched it the same as the repro, but hasn't posted their progress photo yet and will share their charting of that portion.  If that fails, I guess I'll wing it.  LOL

Margaret Randolph and Seventeen Sailors.

I have started Margaret Randolph - the colours are lovely and I am going to so enjoy stitching her.

Seventeen Sailors is my other WIP. Seventeen Sailors tends to come with me when I am travelling as the linen is darker - I wouldn't dare take Margaret on my travels as she is on white linen.

I am really disappointed that Elizabeth Mitchell isn't back from the framers yet. I took her in three weeks ago and was told it would be a week to ten days before she would be ready. I phoned the framer yesterday to voice my displeasure and the framer is going to deliver it to my home on Monday evening. I am so looking forward to having her hanging in the dining room.

A little Manifesto progress

Good evening,
Here is a picture of Manifesto so far.  I have made a bit of progress, but not much as I took a break to hook a rug.  Out of focus, as usual, black tail compliments of Benji.  I really need to start a smaller SL sampler, just so that I can finish something.  I'm looking forward to Marsha's release in October of the oval sampler.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Hornbook Bestiary Progress

There's been more progress made on the Hornbook Bestiary.  Let's have a look.

Progress as of 7/13/13

Progress as of 9/9/13

It's really starting to look like something now.  I'm currently working on filling in the borders and soon I'll need to add another row of blocks.

Here's a closer look at this month's and last month's blocks.  It looks like the goose is honking at the surprised fox.  Too funny!

I have to confess this sampler is a test of my perserverence skills with all this tent stitch over one.  Slow and steady!  Next month it will be "H is for Hart."

More next time,

The Inspired Stitcher

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A new start

I finally got off my behind and started another piece.

This is Sarah Tatum. I am using Hand-Dyed Fibers silks on some 40ct fabric from my stash.

I have had this chart in my stash for ages. It feels nice to get a start on it finally.