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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Friday, 5 July 2013

Is summer here ?

Is summer here ? Well it is on my frame. The border on The Tablet sampler is a riot of colours and blooms. I cannot wait for each evening so I can stitch and see more flowers open and display all their glory.

The Tablet Sampler

I have changed the centre of the middle flower and the one leaf to the right of it, just my personal preference. I have also stitched all the bottom flowers and leaves in cross stitch as opposed to stem stitch.

The Tablet Sampler

Ray arrives home this weekend, it has been nearly 10 weeks !! He will find a new addition in his study as I have hung Grazing Sheep above the easy chair he likes to sit in when reading files. Although it doesn't show in the photo the colour of the walls (Farrow and Ball Tunsgate Green) showcases the colours of the sampler perfectly.

I have never bought an antique sampler before but there is one coming up for auction in the next few weeks that has really taken my fancy. I am a bit wary about buying not really knowing about the "values" but I have decided on how much I am going to bid and will resolutely stick to it. Maybe next time I post I will have something to show you if I am lucky.

I would love to see some posts about antique samplers you may have.

The UK has a (British !!) heatwave forecast for the weekend so probably not too much stitching will be done as time will be spent in the garden and celebrating Ray's return.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.


Angie Burrett said...

Grazing Sheep looks wonderful, and what a lovely Welcome Home surprise for Ray. Enjoy your weekend together xx I can just imagine how glorious Poldhu Cove will be looking in this beautiful weather! xx

Lanie said...

Oh my goodness, Nicola, your Tablet Sampler is beautiful ... what a work of art!
I would love to own an antique sampler one day ... I look forward to reading more about your adventure ... good luck with your bidding!
Enjoy your homecoming with Ray! I hope he had a fantastic time ... but I'm sure you are thrilled to have him back home!

Krista said...

All those flowers are gorgeous!! What fun this must be to stitch! Your Grazing Sheep looks perfect over Ray's chair. Love it!

Bethany said...

I also love to watch your flowers grow. I especially love the carnations and their beautiful colors. Each time you post, it makes me think, I should seriously think about adding this one to my to do list. Enjoy having Ray home again. I can't wait to see this antique sampler, good luck..... I wouldn't purchase an antique because of what the value may become, I would purchase it, because you just can't live without it. I only wish I could afford to purchase a few more, I have run across. Usually the ones I really love, have already sold or are way out of site.....

Mei said...

So pretty.
Love all those wonderful colors of the flowers!

Margaret said...

So beautiful! I'm loving watching this one unfold. I know you will be so happy to have Ray home again! I'm sure he will love having those Grazing Sheep watch over him in his chair. Fingers crossed on the antique sampler! I wish I had one, but no such luck for me. I hope you get this one!

Melissa said...

I love seeing the floral border literally bloom! It's so pretty. I love a lot of the floral borders in these SL samplers.

We've been having a bit of a heat wave here on the West Coast of Canada so I think you are getting that moving your way! We got ours from Arizona!

You have a lovely home, Nicola. Grazing Sheep looks wonderful in that corner.

Jenny said...

Your flowers in The Tablet sampler are absolutely stunning! Grazing Sheep looks wonderful over Ray's chair,what a lovely welcome home for him! Good luck with the antique sampler you love....I would love to own an antique sampler one day. Enjoy your weekend celebrating Ray's return home. We have had extreme heat over the last week here in Ca. Last weekend it reached 112 at my house.....I definitely heard the ocean calling my name then. :)

Elizabeth said...

Ray is one lucky chap - what a lovely sampler for him to come home to.

As for The Tablet - wow! Just stunning.

Have a lovely weekend celebrating and I am sure Ray will have lots of tales to tell about his adventure x

Vera said...

Hi Nicola, your Tablet is coming along so beautifully -- it is just gorgeous. Glad Ray is coming home...I'm sure you are anxious. I've enjoyed reading his blog and seeing the photos. And how nice that the black sheep will be looking over Ray -- Grazing Sheep looks wonderful on that wall. And, finally, yes it is hot here too. Or as they say in Phila: HHH (hazy, hot & humid). "it just about takes your breath away stepping outside. I never cared much for air conditioning -- always felt chilly...then the hormones kicked in and I could not get the air cooled down enough - LOL!! Thankfully that is on the wane now, but it has left me not liking summer weather. Enjoy your weekend and congratulations to Ray on a fantastic voyage!!

Stitch Wizard said...

Nicola your Tablet sampler is just stunning and I love your changes too. I am getting more brave about changing things to how I want my samplers to look now. I am so glad that Ray is coming home this weekend. He is going to love your sampler in his area by his chair. It is beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Rowyn said...

The flowers in your Tablet sampler are a joy to look at.

You must be glad that your DH is due home. I like a bit of me time now and then, but would find it strange not seeing my DH for an extended period. I'm sure Ray will have lots of stories to tell of his adventure.

Scarlet Letter said...

I'd be happy to offer an opinion on the value of the antique sampler and promise not to bid on it myself! BTW, Thompson, the oval I'm working on, will be available for sale at my cost once I've finished charting it.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

A (British) heatwave! Our weather patterns must be reversed--we have had heavy rain for the past two days and rain in the forecast for the next three days! My garden is full of weeds.

The flowers in The Tablet are beautiful.

Enjoy your homecoming with Ray.

Ellen said...

Your Tablet is gorgeous! I really love that flowers border!

Enjoy your celebration!


Faye said...

Yippee! Ray is returning and the stitching is phenomenal~~

Bhooma said...

I love how the flowers in the Tablet are coming to life i your sampler. They are so lively and beautiful.

You have found the perfect place to hang your Grazing Sheep.

Needless to say,both of these are in my stash. After seeing your Tablet, I am itching to start mine.

Cindy L said...

Nicola, your floral border is absolutely gorgeous! I love the way you personalize your samplers. Welcome home to Ray and enjoy your weekend.

Marsha said...

Those flowers are beautiful. I'm sure Ray will be happy to see you too. Grazing sheep looks peaceful in its new setting.